Superman Returns, Asterix, Black Hole, X-Men 3: November 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


According to this link, the Bryan Singer-led production will come to the City Recital Hall in Sydney, Australia this Saturday.

Meanwhile, Bratz Models says one of its clients worked as a body double for the pre-adolescent Clark Kent. "It's a bird, it's a plane…No, it's Guiseppe Versace, Brats Model's addition to the new 'Superman' film recently shot at Sydney's Fox Studios. Working as a body double for the actor playing the young Superman, Guiseppe wowed everyone with his enthusiasm and focus -- not bad for a five year old!"

Finally, according to Screenwise, actor Rob Flanagan "has just heard the good news that he's scored the really meaty role of the of the superbaddie in the feature film SUPERMAN. Rob is pinned up against the helicopter blades by Superman when trying to rob the bank. Rob's a pretty big bloke ... so Superman, must really be a superman!"


European-Films.net is reporting that "One of the most coveted roles that was being cast in French cinema this year must have been the title role of the third episode in the live-action adventures of the little Gallic pain-in-the-Roman-behind Asterix. It has now been officially announced that the role has gone to Clovis Cornillac."

Then we've got Softpedia reporting that actor Gerard Depardieu is thinking about making the third "Asterix" film his swan song. "The 56-year-old French star has declared for Le Parisien that he considers ending his career as an actor, stating that he doesn't want to "hang on like an idiot' ... I have nothing to lose. I have made 170 films. I have nothing left to prove.' His agent, Claude Davy, rushed to deny the actor's declarations, mentioning that Depardieu has been threatening to quit acting 'for ten years' and that he doesn't believe a word of it."


In an article at Variety (subscription required), it was noted that Paramount Pictures has snapped up Charles Burns' just-published graphic horror novel "Black Hole." Par's signed Alexandre Aja ("The Hills Have Eyes") to direct and set it up with MTV Films and Brad Pitt's Plan B with Aja and partner Gregory Levasseur producing." For a review, check out this week's Permanent Damage by CBR's own Steven Grant.


Premiere has some quotes about Brett Ratner. "It's like he came in to pitch the last game of the World Series," says screenwriter Simon Kinberg. "He just wants to get out with a win-as opposed to wanting to break records with a 110 mile per hour fastball."


Just some good ol' boys ... Kryptonsite has about seventy five screen captures of the trailer for the new episode "Exposed," featuring a televised reunion of actors John Schneider and Tom Wopat.


Variety (subscription still required) is reporting that "Michael Helfant has ankled his post as chief operating officer of Beacon Pictures to join Marvel Studios as Avi Arad's No. 2." No "Austin Powers" jokes, please.


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