Superman Returns 2, 300, 30 Days of Night, Hellboy: October 26th Comic Reel Wrap


A report at IESB has rumblings about a sequel for the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation. "A few calls later, other studio insiders confirmed that the deal was finalized last week and the team that brought 'Superman Returns' to theaters earlier this year will return for the sequel. We have been told that a couple of things are for certain. For one, the sequel will have a slightly smaller budget. Returns budget was approximately $208 million dollars with P&A (prints and ads) of about $50 million putting it at around $260. The sequel is expected to be around $140-175 million plus marketing."


We've got an in-depth interview with creator Frank Miller, right here at CBR.


Another behind-the-scenes clip? All right, then -- let's call it number ten, shall we? But why is director David Slade begging for spare change?


Let's get animated first, shall we? Writer Matt Wayne was interviewed by Toon Zone about leaving the watchtower and heading for the BPRD. "'Justice League' was more social," Wayne said. "On 'JLU,' I got to eat lunch with other people, then run to Tower Records or the comic book store. Cabin fever's a real concern when you're working at home. Plus, my wife expects me to do laundry."

Meanwhile, on the live-action front, director Guillermo del Toro told MTV "We are literally in the early stages of preproduction. We've been designing the thing, and we are going to be shooting in April or May of next year. It's a bigger story than the first one, and it is actually a larger scope. It's similar to [del Toro's upcoming flick] 'Pan's Labyrinth' in the fact that the everyday world is grinding fantasy into the ground. Everyday life is creating a mundane reality and destroying fantasy. All of the main characters are coming back." The sequel is slated for a 2008 release.


The streets of the Windy City might wanna get reinforced, since the Batmobile is coming to town. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that both Nolan brothers are interested in returning, even though everyone isn't as enthusiastic. "When we shot the last film in Chicago," writer Jonathan Nolan said, "I'd get calls from friends who would say, 'Could you please move it along? I'm sitting here in traffic because of this 'Batman' film you're shooting.'"


Actor Jon Glover was interviewed by TV Guide about the possibility of hitting on Clark's mom. "In what I guess will be the Thanksgiving episode, there is a scene in Martha's kitchen," Glover said. "Lionel has now started coming through the back door -- that's awfully nice ... Because of her, he sees things about life and about other people that he hasn't really looked at before. Their friendship is affecting him, changing him."

Meanwhile, actor Justin Hartley was interviewed by the Boston Herald about his earnestness not to cause the demise of the series. "The last thing I need is to sink another show," Hartley said.

Finally, Kryptonsite has some previously unseen production stills from the October 12th episode, "Wither."


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