RUMOR: Superman: Red Son Animated Film Being Planned By Warner Bros.

It appears that Warner Bros. is reportedly preparing to make an animated film based on SupermanRed Son.

Revenge of the Fans reports that a cast list has been revealed for the upcoming film, although no one has been tied to a specific role. Animated DC veterans like Amy Acker, Jason Issacs, Phil LaMar, Tara Strong and Diedrich Bader make up the majority of the supposed cast.

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The original DC animated films by Warner Bros. have proven increasingly willing to explore stories from outside the main canon of DC characters and settings. The studio released the Elseworlds-inspired Batman: Gotham by Gaslight last year, and while rumors have circulated that Superman: Red Son would be a live-action film, it appears that may not be the case.

Red Son centers around a version of Superman who didn't land in the United States but instead grew up during the Cold War in Russia. The world re-imagines many major DC mainstays, including a Russian anarchist Batman, a publicly adored Lex Luthor and a Green Lantern Corp fully under the command of the United States Air Force.

Earlier this month, RotF reported that Warner Bros. is also producing an animated film based on BatmanThe Long Halloween. However, no release date for The Long Halloween or Red Son has been hinted at.

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The next DC original animated film to be released will be Reign of the Superman, which arrives digitally on Jan. 15.

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