Superman Mystery Deepens; Batman, Flash Investigate Watchmen in April


As DC Comics readers know, Superman is at the center of the ongoing Rebirth mystery. For months, questions have swirled around the Man of Steel's role in the new Watchmen-influenced DC Universe, as the death of one Superman led to the outing of a second, who's familiar to longtime fans as the version they read about for decades before the 2011 debut of the New 52.

In April, following months of anticipation and clues, everything appears to be coming to a head in the Rebirth reality. "Superman Reborn Aftermath" arrives, bringing with it the promise of answers regarding Superman and his family, what his presence in the current DCU really means, and the role the super-mysterious Mr. Oz (who is featured in a big way on the cover for "Trinity" #8) plays in all of this.

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Unfolding across "Action Comics" and "Superman," and spilling into the pages of "New Super-Man," "Supergirl" and beyond, the storyline may finally offer some resolution, just in time for it to wrap the first year of mysteries and enter the second. Meanwhile, in other corners of the DC Universe:

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