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Superman Mystery Deepens; Batman, Flash Investigate Watchmen in April

by  in Comic News Comment
Superman Mystery Deepens; Batman, Flash Investigate Watchmen in April

As DC Comics readers know, Superman is at the center of the ongoing Rebirth mystery. For months, questions have swirled around the Man of Steel’s role in the new Watchmen-influenced DC Universe, as the death of one Superman led to the outing of a second, who’s familiar to longtime fans as the version they read about for decades before the 2011 debut of the New 52.

In April, following months of anticipation and clues, everything appears to be coming to a head in the Rebirth reality. “Superman Reborn Aftermath” arrives, bringing with it the promise of answers regarding Superman and his family, what his presence in the current DCU really means, and the role the super-mysterious Mr. Oz (who is featured in a big way on the cover for “Trinity” #8) plays in all of this.

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Unfolding across “Action Comics” and “Superman,” and spilling into the pages of “New Super-Man,” “Supergirl” and beyond, the storyline may finally offer some resolution, just in time for it to wrap the first year of mysteries and enter the second. Meanwhile, in other corners of the DC Universe:

  • The New 52 Lois Lane is dead, but the other, pre-Flashpoint Lois has taken her place (in some cases, literally), and it looks like she’ll be more involved in Lana Lang’s life in “Superwoman” #9. It’s also possible the deceased Lois makes a return, of course. Either way, the “Super Women” arc kicking off in April teases that we may see a new Superwoman when the story concludes.
  • Scott Snyder’s first “All Star Batman” arc comes to a close in April. Afua Richardson joins the writer to illustrate the final chapter of the “Ends of the Earth” storyline, which sees Batman face “one of his most dangerous villains in a battle of wills for the fate of the Earth.”

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  • all-star-batman

    “All Star Batman” #9 cover art by Chris Burnham

  • “New Super-Man” teases a new member of the Justice League of China, without naming names. The cover art indicates we might be meeting China’s Flash, though the solicitation text indicates it’ll be Avery Ho, one of the speedsters introduced in “The Flash.” That said, it’s possible she’s both, if the JL of China decides to make an attempt at recruiting her.
  • “New Super-Man” cover art by Victor Bogdanovic

  • Speaking of finales, Tom King and David Finch present the final chapter of “I am Bane” in “Batman” #20. Then, Jason Fabok joins King to kick off “The Button” in Issue 21, a new arc that takes the Dark Knight and The Flash down the Watchmen road as the two team up to tackle their own Watchmen mystery. How did the Comedian’s blood-stained smiley-face button end up in the Batcave? And what does it mean for the DC Universe?

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  • “Batman” #21-22 and “The Flash” #21-22 will be offered with standard and variant covers, plus lenticular variants.
  • Cullen Bunn takes over scripting duties for “Trinity” with Issue #. Illustrated by Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy, the “Superman Reborn Aftermath” promises even more answers about Superman, while the cover (by artist Clay Mann ) teases Mr. Oz’s potential involvement in the destruction of Krypton.
  • The Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps stand united, but a time traveler from the future — who happens to wear a Green Lantern ring — may threaten the new alliance. With all the hints regarding the Legion of Super-Heroes that have been seeded over the past several months, could “The Prism of Time” be teasing an appearance from Rond Vidar, the GL of the 30th century?
  • Meanwhile, in “Supergirl,” not only is “Superman Reborn Aftermath” affecting Kara’s life, the Emerald Empress appears to face her and Superman. While Superman has a history with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and by extension its foe, the Empress, Supergirl does not — yet.
  • artemis

    “Red Hood and the Outlaws” cover art by Nicola Scott

  • Wonder Woman’s Rebirth origin has finally been explained, and Donna Troy’s is being explored in “Titans,” so it’s time to look at the other Amazon operating outside of Themyscira – Artemis. “Red Hood and the Outlaws” #9 will do exactly that in “Who is Artemis?” which will explore and explain where the red-headed Amazon comes from, and how she ended up crossing paths with Jason Todd and Bizarro.
  • The Dark Knight teams up with a classic pulp hero in “Batman/The Shadow,” from Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo. It’s described as a “dark and twisty modern noir,” but the solicitation copy doesn’t indicate whether it’s in continuity, but the six-issue series promises to introduce a new villain to Batman’s rogues gallery.
  • “Future Quest,” the adventure series teaming Hanna-Barbera’s myriad action heroes, comes to a conclusion with Issue 12. “Scooby Apocalypse” and the critically acclaimed “The Flintstones” appear to be continuing, however.

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“Batman” #21 cover art by Jason Fabok

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