Superman, Punisher 2, X-Men 3, The Batman: Comic Reel Wrap for October 25


According to Variety, the production has signed a new producer, Gil Adler, to join Jon Peters and director Bryan Singer.


Actor Thomas Jane was interviewed by Movie Zone, and he discussed a proposed beginning to the blood-soaked sequel. "I know that the scene at the end of the first Punisher where I go up and take everybody out, that's going to be the opening of Punisher 2 where he'll be taking out another set of guys in another place -- whole other context."


Kryptonsite has the official network description of upcoming episode, "Spell." Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville has an interview with Smallville Magazine editor Richard Matthews, which looks at the inner workings of the Titan Books publication.


According to WHEDONesque, the "Buffy" creator told fans at a John Kerry fundraiser this weekend that "he wasn't going to be writing or directing it ... he thought long and hard about it but Fox didn't ask him and if he showed up to start directing it would be a faux pas."


According to Comics Continuum, "Mr. Freeze will be introduced into The Batman animated series for the November sweeps. 'The Big Chill' episode is scheduled to air on Saturday, Nov. 6 on Kids' WB."


In a flurry of relative one-liners: Clayton "The Kid" Watson from the last two "Matrix" films told The Advertiser, that he's auditioned for a role in the story of Johnny Blaze. "We're just sort of in talks about that at the moment," said Watson. "To play opposite Nic Cage would be awesome."

Meanwhile, "Blade: Trinity" received an "R" rating from the MPAA, and is full-speed ahead for a December 8th debut in cinemas.

Finally, USA Today has released a first look at actress Natassia Malthe as Typhoid Mary, shown inches away from Jennifer Garner, ready to deliver a poisonous kiss. Mrowr.


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