Superman news, Identity Crisis reaction, Image developments: March 21st Comic Wire Wrap

We've got a smattering of news and notes from Wizard World: Los Angeles this Sunday.

  • "Smallville" writer Jeph Loeb said Sunday that there are no plans for Bruce Wayne to appear on the show, due to the Caped Crusader swinging his way towards the silver screen. Rumors that another character was meant to be Bruce Wayne were just that, said Loeb.

    A possible appearance by Lois Lane, said Loeb, "is under discussion right now. If it's going to be, and I don't know if it's going to be."

  • Jeph Loeb announced Sunday that he is contracted to write "Batman/Superman" through issue #25. The final arc will be drawn by Ed McGuiness.
  • Superman fans wanting more of Mark Waid's writing on the character after "Superman: Birthright" is over will get their wish, "but all I can say is it's confidential," Waid said Sunday.
  • DC Comics' forthcoming "Identity Crisis" event may not remake the DC Universe, but it should shake things up. At least, it's shaking up employees at the company: One veteran staffer recounted reading the script for first four issues, punching the wall and then calling up series writer Brad Meltzer to curse him out for ripping the reader's heart out. And when said staffer later read the finished pages, it provoked the same reaction all over again.
  • With Image Comics now under the guidance of Erik Larsen for the last month or so, we're now hearing about new projects that Erik's bringing to the "i." Last month CBR News told you about a new indy anthology called "Flight" headed up by Kazu Kibuishi. Sunday afternoon, CBR News ran into Kibuishi at Wizard World: Los Angeles who was excited to report that he's found a publisher and, you guessed it, it'll be Image Comics. Larsen saw the work of "Flight's" contributors at last months Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco and was impressed by what he saw. We'll bring you more on this story later this week.

  • In other Image news, CBR News has learned that artist Charlie Adlard ("Astronauts In Trouble," "White Death") will become the new artist on the Robert Kirkman written series, "The Walking Dead," later this year.

CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland contributed to this story.

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