Superman: How the Multiverse Brought Together the Men of Steel

As one of the most powerful superheroes of any reality, the Superman analogues across the DC Multiverse are usually front and center whenever faced with a threat that endangers all of existence. To combat especially dire threats to the Multiverse, these heroes even team up sometimes, and DC has introduced a few teams of Supermen and Superman analogues from alternate worlds.

Now, we're taking a closer look at three teams that are primarily up of versions of Superman from different realities. Despite their different histories, appearances and even powers, all of these heroes follow the heroic example that Superman embodies.

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The Superman Squad

Superman Squad Frank Quitely

Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely in 2007's All-Star Superman #6, the Superman Squad was introduced as a team of Supermen and Superwomen from across all of time and space to defend the very fabric of the space-time continuum. Referencing past events from Morrison's previous work in DC One Million, the team arrives after Superman from All-Star Superman's relative present captures the Chronovore rampaging across Smallville while the teenage Clark Kent of that world's past lost his father Jonathan Kent.

Included in the lineup are the two versions of Superman seen in DC One Million, more specifically, the Superman of Justice Legion Alpha from the DC Universe's far-future and a version of the prime timeline's Superman that had gone on a self-imposed exile within Earth's Sun, emerging in the 853rd century as a golden version of the classic Man of Steel to help the Justice League and Justice Legion against the villain Epoch.

Supermen of the Multiverse

Morrison revisited the concept of the Supermen from across the multiverse joining forces in his epic crossover event Final Crisis and the tie-in miniseries Final Crisis: Superman Beyond, with artist Doug Manhke. After Lois Lane is mortally wounded in a bombing launched against The Daily Planet offices by Libra's Secret Society of Supervillains in an effort to distract him from their plans, the Supermen of the Multiverse appear to take Clark away to find a cure for her within the heart of the multiverse.

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This incarnation of the team includes the Captain Marvel of Earth-5, Overman the Nazi Superman of Earth-10 where the Freedom Fighters were locked in endless combat against the Axis Powers since World War II, Captain Adam of Earth-4 and Ultraman from the Anti-Matter Universe similar to the villain of the same name from Earth-3. A Doctor Fate incarnation of Superman and Captain Carrot from the Zoo Crew would later join the heroes, along with President Superman from Earth-23, to launch the final assault against Mandrakk, the vampiric Monitor threatening all of reality. Many of this team's members would later reappear in Multiversity as the core of Justice Incarnate, an inter-dimensional team safeguarding all of the different Earths, with their roster including versions of Aquaman, the Flash, Mary Marvel and other familiar DC superheroes.

The Unseen of the Dark Multiverse

The Unseen Header

Just as Dark Nights: Metal had introduced the Dark Multiverse and twisted incarnations of Batman that resided within it in their attempted invasion of the DCU, last year's Sideways Annual #1 by Dan Didio, Grant Morrison and Kenneth Rocafort, introduced the Dark Multiverse's variations of Superman. Sideways, a new teenage superhero spinning out of the crossover event, teleported into the Dark Multiverse where he encountered the Unseen, monstrous but friendly incarnations of Superman.

Inspired by the Silver Age stories where Superman would undergo temporary transformations, these heroes had seen permanent alterations, including the Red Ant Superman, aptly named Rant, and a ghostly version of Negative Superman named kentclark. Alternate versions of Superman's supporting cast, including Porcupine Jimmy Olsen, large-brained Lois Lane, the mermaid Lori Lemaris and Insect Queen Lana Lang would also make up the team, ultimately arriving in the main DCU where they took up residence in a vacant castle outside of Metropolis.

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