Superman Meets Superman, Last Stand of Kyle Rayner and More from DC in May

In the midst of plenty of "Rebirth" speculation, DC Comics has released its solicitations for May 2016. While there aren't really any hints in there on what "Rebirth" is or isn't all about, there's still plenty of worthwhile information to be gleaned from the latest look at the publisher's upcoming comics, collected editions and collectibles. Here are the highlights.

DC Comics Celebrates #52, "Super League" Concludes in May 2016 Solicitations

  • DC's line of Hanna-Barbera reinventions debuts, featuring a slew of variant covers by high-profile artists including Joelle Jones, Ben Caldwell, Neal Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, Steve Rude and more.
  • Superman crossover "Super League" concludes, but not before the meeting between the New 52 Superman and his pre-"Flashpoint" incarnation, currently starring in "Superman: Lois and Clark."
  • "Batman," "Superman," "Batgirl," "Wonder Woman" and more New 52 launch titles reach #52.
  • Speaking of "Batman": James Tynion IV takes over writing duties on "Batman" with #52, joined by Fernando Pasarin and Matt Ryan on art. While Greg Capullo is now off the series, he illustrated the cover to #52: Featuring a Batman who is, disarmingly enough, smiling (and not because of Joker Venom).
  • "Darkseid War" is over, and DC's teasing major ramifications in Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier's "Justice League" #51
  • In a battle of the former "Arrow" Big Bads, Slade Wilson faces off with Ra's al Ghul in "Deathstroke."
  • "Omega Men" #12 arrives, featuring the "last stand" of Kyle Rayner and the titular team.
  • Joker's Daughter is forced to attend high school in "Red Hood/Arsenal" #12.
  • The Scooby gang teams with Shazam and Tawky Tawny to tackle the Monster Society of Evil in "Scooby-Doo Team-up" #16.
  • Advance solicited for release in September, DC Collectibles has a special accessories pack on the way, with new weapons and other goodies, from Batarangs and trick arrows to a Ch'p minifigure and more, to add to your action figure collection.

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