'Superman' meets 'San Andreas' in mashup 'Supermandreas'

The upcoming Dwayne Johnson disaster film San Andreas clearly employs a number of genre tropes, but artist Nick Acosta thought the latest trailer bore a striking resemblance to the beloved 1978 movie Superman -- particularly, the Hoover Dam and Golden Gate Bridge sequences. So, naturally, he mashed the two features together to create ... "Supermandreas."

"I decided to re-edit the San Andreas trailer to take out The Rock and his wooden acting and put in a 27-year-old Christopher Reeve as Superman," explains Acosta, who clearly can't smell what The Rock is cooking. "I even rotoscoped him flying from the 1978 film into San Andreas. Christopher Reeve’s Superman was my first childhood hero growing up. I still consider him the definitive Superman and I still can hear his voice when I read new Superman comics. So it was an immense pleasure to drop him into a modern day movie and see him fly one more time in his prime."

(via Vulture)

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