Did Superman Ever Meet the Green Lantern Who Failed to Save Krypton?

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Reader Richard H. wrote in to ask:

Has Superman ever confronted Tomar Re, the green Lantern in charge of the sector Krypton when it blew up?

Richard, of course, is referring to something that I did an article on a while back (he's not referencing my article, but I just mean that he's referencing the same thing I wrote about), which was how Tomar-Re, who was the very first alien Green Lantern that Hal Jordan met after becoming a Green Lantern (as opposed to the dying alien Hal met right away - various reboots have changed it so that Hal has met other Green Lanterns first. I thiiiiiiiiiiiink that the current continuity says that he met Sinestro first) was the Green Lantern assigned to the Sector with Krypton in it!

In Superman #257, Elliot S! Maggin (based on a story idea by Neal Adams) did a story with artists Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano showing Tomar-Re about the retire from the Green Lantern Corps. However, before he could retire, he had to first confront his greatest failure...or was it a failure after all?!?

Tomar-Re, you see, had figured out a way to save Krypton, but it just seemed as though fate had another thing in mind for him that tragic day...

So Tomar-Re is naturally all super sad. But not so fast, Tomar-Re! The Guardians explain to him that it was his failure that ended up giving the universe Superman and that trade-off was more than worth letting that planet die!

Their logic is more than a little bit dubious there, but hey, at least Tomar-Re doesn't feel like a total jerk. The Guardians don't usually concern themselves with making their Green Lanterns feel better, so they must have been huge fans of Tomar-Re to go out of their way to make him feel better about the whole Krypton deal.

Okay, so that was 1972. Tomar-Re was killed off in an odd story during Crisis on Infinite Earths (he gives his ring to John Stewart, who, in turn, gives the ring he got from Hal Jordan back to Hal Jordan). Did Tomar-Re ever happen to run into Superman before that time? Read on to find out!

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