Superman, Man-Thing, The Batman, Sin City: March 9th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Blue Tights Network, veteran character actor James Karen has been cast to play Martha Kent's neighbor, Ben Hubbard, a character that briefly appeared in Dick Donner's original movie, in Bryan Singer's adaptation of the popular property.


Sci Fi Network has erected a page for the Marvel horror adaptation, debuting on April 30th. The movie will be available on DVD on June 14th.


The Cartoon Network has updated the official site for the hit animated series, which now has an episode guide covering all 13 shows and a full character guide as well.


Yahoo! Movies has a new feature about the Frank Miller adaptation, with production shots, comparisons to comic book panels and storyboard art.


USA Today has a new article on the Tim Story-directed Marvel movie, and has new photos from the film on their front page at press time.

Over at Comics Continuum, special effects supervisor Kurt Williams is quoted discussing the influence of Jack Kirby on the film. "There's a lot of Jack Kirby in the movie and that's one the things that we have to keep looking back at," Williams said. "As I've done these types of films, the one thing that I've always realized is that you always have to have a base book that you go back to, and it's surprising how you're constantly, even when shots are coming in from the vendors, you gotta go back to the original material. And we do have some older stuff in here, and there is some Jack Kirby design in the movie from the art department. But once again, you have to put in just enough to call back to that, but it still has to translate to a modern day movie. You have to be very prudent in what parts of that (comic) you use, but the ideas translate, and you can sort of get to the point where the audience believes it, but they don't have to see the whole thing, you know what I mean? You're going to feel like he's doing some of this stuff, but it's not always overtly right in front of the camera. Like I say, it's how you shoot it. I think you'll believe in their powers when we're done. Those are powers that have been generated from the Jack Kirby days, because even the more modern Fantastic Four comics still go back to Jack Kirby."


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