Superman Does the Unthinkable by Destroying [REDACTED] in Man of Steel 4

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for The Man of Steel #4 by Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Maguire, Jason Fabok, Wade Von Grawbadger and Alex Sinclair, on sale now.

Thus far, Brian Michael Bendis’ first major Superman story, The Man of Steel has been a wild ride. The former Marvel-exclusive scribe has incorporated classic traits of Superman dating back to his inception in a manner only he could bring to the page. Along the way, we’ve seen the veracity of Superman’s newest enemy Rogol Zaar on full display, following this mad being across the stars as he tries to eradicate every single scrap Krypton that survived the planet’s initial demise. It’s been a harrowing affair and has brought down long-standing artifacts from Superman lore in shocking turns.

Last week, in The Man of Steel #3, we saw the aftermath of Rogol Zaar unleashing his fury on the shrunken Kryptonian capitol city, Kandor. It was brazen attack, one that was aimed to get Superman to lose his cool. And, it actually worked... eventually. Kal-El and Supergirl were pulled out into the middle of Metropolis to face Zaar in combat, and despite the fact the Kryptonians knew the villain was trying to get the best of their homesick dispositions, he got the better of the two, to some degree.

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In the subsequent issue, The Man of Steel #4, Brian Michael Bendis and Kevin Maguire has Rogol push things even further. But ironically, the destruction of arguably the biggest hallmark of Superman comics besides the doomed planet Krypton came at the hands of the titular Man of Steel himself.

The final pages of this issue follow Superman traveling to his Fortress of Solitude, only to discover his means of contacting other Kryptonians has been destroyed at the hands of (you guessed it) Rogol Zaar, who was lurking in the shadows as he just couldn’t wait to see the look on Kal-El’s face.

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