Superman, Lucky Luke, Ghost Rider, Smallville: October 29th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Imageworks will provide the visual effects for director Bryan Singer's "Superman." "Mark Stetson is supervising the visual shots for Warner Bros. production. Imageworks has yet to confirm an internal supervisor, and a digital effects shot breakdown is still pending. However, sources said the early estimate for 'Superman' is about 800 shots, comparable to Columbia Pictures' 'Spider-Man 2.' Effects artists are likely to provide a similar emphasis on heroic live-action effects and digital doubles."


The French comic book adaptation has launched an official website with a Quicktime teaser trailer available for your review. The film has a $25 million budget is based on the comics of Belgian and French comic scribes Morris and Rene Goscinny. Written by Michel Hazanavicius, the movie features the Dalton brothers, loosely based on the real-life Dalton Gang.


Action-Figure.com has a slightly spoilerish report on toys that will be released, based on the Christian Bale-fueled DC adaptation.


Director Mark Steven Johnson dropped in on the Superhero Hype Message Boards, to correspond with fans about the the upcoming Nicolas Cage-fueled Marvel adaptation. "Ghost Rider is inherently a darker character and that will be reflected in the movie," Johnson said. "However, if you look, there was actually very little R-rated violence in the original Ghost Rider, just darker themes. I think that gore too often replaces suspense in horror movies and takes you out of a movie. 'Jaws' is one of my favorite films of all time, and it's rated PG. Likewise, 'Lord of the Rings' had plenty of kick ass action and violence for a PG-13 movie. It's really about being clever and pushing the boundaries. But as with all of these movies, it's really about love, isn't it? Whether you're talking about 'Terminator 2' or 'Lord of The Rings' or 'Spider-man' it's about love of a girl or love of a friend, etc. and if that doesn't work then all of the bad ass action and awesome effects mean nothing."

He also addressed the topic of his last leather-clad Marvel movie. "Daredevil is an amazing character and bigger than any one actor. I would love to do another one. If the 'Elektra' spin-off does well, I could certainly see that happening."


Those kooky kids at Devoted to Smallville have a horde of screen captures from Wednesday's "Freaky Friday" styled episode, "Transference."


Superhero Hype was also kind enough to type up details from Marvel's third quarter report, which included some details about upcoming Marvel projects including "Luke Cage," "Punisher 2," "Deathlok," "Namor," "Wolverine," with plans to develop "Black Panther," "Ant-Man" (seriously), "Captain America," and "Thor."


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