Comic Legends: Superman and Lois Lane's Forgotten 1949 Marriage!

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Superman and Lois Lane got married...in 1949!



With this week being the 80th anniversary of Superman AND Lois Lane, I thought it would be fun to do a legend involving them both!

The Superman comic strip started up almost as soon as the original Superman comic book began and actually, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were much more pumped about the newspaper strip than they were about the comic book. This was at a time when newspaper comic strips were seen as much more prestigious than having success in comic books (actually, it is probably still more prestigious, now that I think about it - just not to the same level it was back then).

So Joe Shuster gave up drawing the regular comic book well before he gave up on drawing the comic strip.

In any event, in the late 1940s, the newspaper comic strip decided to a twist - have Clark Kent marry Lois Lane!

Lex Luthor tries to keep Lois from marrying Clark by framing Clark as having an affair with another woman

But Clark proves the truth...

Lois, by the way, tries to get Superman at the wedding and when he doesn't show, she figures she is marrying Clark AND Superman at the same time...

But then there is a bit where she accidentally shoots Clark....

So she believes Clark is NOT Superman! They remain married for the next few years and went through a number of general married people plots ("Our home is being used for a radio series - but it's a nuisance!" ) before they just had it all revealed to be a dream, Bobby Ewing style (amusingly, the Spider-Man marriage was brought BACK in to the Spider-Man strip in a similar fashion).

The display image comes from an Action Comics cover that had one of the many imaginary weddings that Superman and Lois Lane had over the years...

That was later turned into an episode of the Superman TV series.

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