Comic Legends: Did Lois Lane Really Become a Mother in a 1940s Comic?

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Lois Lane had a kid in the Superman comic strip in the 1940s.


False Enough for a False

A few weeks back, I wrote a Comic Book Legends Revealed about how Clark Kent and Lois Lane actually got married in then very popular Superman newspaper comic strip.

This was a flat out legit marriage. Lois seriously did marry Clark Kent, whether he was superman or not. Granted, she was still pretty sure that he WAS Superman, but when she found out that he wasn't, they remained married.

Anyhow, reader Jean L. wrote in to ask if it was true that their marriage even resulted in a baby being born before the strip inevitably decided to reverse course on the marriage after a few years (they used the classic "It was all a dream!" retcon).

Since today is Mother's Day, I figured I'd give it a shot to cover this one!

The answer is a bit of a tricky one. The reason Jean asked is because Jean saw the following comic strip, which Jean then sent along to me along with the question...

That IS a legitimate comic strip, but it was not part of their marriage. First of all, and this is really the most important point, the whole deal of their marriage was that Superman did not reveal to Lois that he was Superman, despite them being, you know, MARRIED. This was something that superhero comic book writers for some reason thought could work. For instance, Barry Allen also did not tell Iris West that he was the Flash when they got married. I believe he didn't even intentionally tell her when they WERE married. If I recall correctly, she found out accidentally when he began to talk in his sleep.

So since Lois did not find out Superman's secret identity, then naturally there could not be a strip where they are raising a baby together.

But anyhow, even besides that little bit that made me dismiss it right away, no, the comic strip was not part of the main strip continuity, but just a dream plot.

Of course, the "real" wedding also became a dream plot, as well, but it was not intended as such at the time, ya know? I think that there is an important distinction there.

So that's why I'm going with a false here, even if you could get into the whole "All comics are imaginary" stuff.

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