TV Legends: What Was Up With the Baby in the Lois and Clark Finale?

TV URBAN LEGEND: The baby in the Lois and Clark finale was going to be from Krypton.

A number of TV shows over the years have had pretty volatile relationships with the public. Generally speaking, ratings on TV series go down at a gradual pace. They typically don't just fall off of a cliff. And yet, that's essentially what happened with Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

The show debuted with decent enough ratings and by the second season, it was in the Top 60 shows in the ratings overall. Not stellar numbers, but a solid series.

Season three, which is a very important series in the lifespan of a series (as if you renew a show for a fourth season, you almost always give it five seasons, since you'll be so close to 100 episodes after four seasons that it just makes too much sense to not just keep going for one more season for syndication purposes, so the studio that makes the show will almost always cut a deal with the network to get that fifth season made) was even better than season 2!

So, following Season 3, ABC announced that they were not just going to renew Lois and Clark for a fourth season, but they were preepmptively giving it a fifth season, as well!

The fourth season had the much-anticipated marriage between Lois and Clark...

However, for whatever reason, the ratings just TANKED. The show went from being 44th overall to outside the top 100!!

The season finale of the fourth season had Lois and Clark dealing with the news that they could not have kids. At the end of the episode, however, a baby is left for them in a Superman blanket and they decide to raise the kid as their own...

But who WAS the baby?

It turned out that we never got a chance to find out, since the ratings dropped so badly that ABC did the nearly-unprecedented measure of, in effect, UN-renewing a show. Typically, they would have been stuck, but they cut a deal with Warner Bros. Television (the producers of the series) and cut a deal where ABC would transfer their series order from Lois and Clark to a NEW Warner Bros. series called Prey.

So with the series abruptly canceled, what would have happened with the baby?

Brad Buckner, a producer and writer on the series, told KryptonSite the news a few years back:

K-SITE: How was the cliffhanger (from "The Family Hour") supposed to be resolved in Season Five?

BRAD: It's starting to get a bit fuzzy in my mind, but Lois and Clark became very attached to the little boy who began to grow at an abnormal rate, turning into a pre-teen in a matter of a few months. He also began to develop super powers, not all of which he used responsibly, since he was a troubled kid. Turns out he was Kryptonian royalty, stashed by his mother to keep him safe from assassins. In the end he had to (tearfully) leave the only parents he'd ever known (L & C) and return to save his imperiled people.

Sounds like it would have been an interesting idea!

The legend is...


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