Superman Adorably Makes a Little Girl's Dream Come True

This is "Turns Back the Page," which is a look at interesting back-up stories from comic books. If you have suggestions for back-ups that you'd like to see me write about, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

Today we look at an adorable story by Mindy Newell, Howard Bender and Bob Oksner that has an unusual origin. Before I get into that, though, as I noted in an article last year, I think that you could make the argument that this is the first Superman story written by a woman (Carla Conway co-wrote an issue of Superman one month after this story came out and then Randy Lofficier wrote a full issue of Action Comics by herself a year later). So before I even get into the content of the story, this is already a notable back-up story!

The story was titled "With Love from Superman!" and it opens with a little girl named Molly who is a bit of an outcast at school. She tries to ingratiate herself with a group of kids at school who have an autograph club. She tries to become a member of their group and they agree to let her, provided that she gets SUPERMAN'S autograph! As you might imagine, that's a pretty heavy thing to ask of anyone, let alone a little kid who normally would never interact with Superman.

So she writes a letter to Superman asking for his autograph and then she goes to bed and dreams of becoming SUPERGIRL!!

Times passes and she also has a dream that she is Lois Lane.

Then we see Superman reading her letter and, well, let's just say that her life experiences hit Superman directly in his feels.

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