Leviathan Just Recruited a Classic DC C-List Hero

Superman Event Leviathan

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Action Comics #1012 by Brian Michael Bendis, Syzmon Kudranski, Brad Anderson and Josh Reed, on sale now.

Leviathan has major plans for the DC Universe, but nobody knows what they are yet. While the heroes are busy trying to track down the organization and find answers in Event Leviathan, their leader is out recruiting, and who he brings into the fold could ultimately help us understand Leviathan's end goal.

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In Action Comics #1012, we see the reintroduction of a classic C-list superhero who is targeted for recruitment by Leviathan. While she clearly has heroic intentions, will she join an organization that has destroyed government agencies like A.R.G.U.S., the D.E.O., and Task Fore X? It seems like her recruitment could also shed some light on Leviathan's ultimate mission.

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The Return of the Rose

When Superman is busy dealing with matters outside Metropolis, the denizens of the city's underworld come out to play. As, the Invisible Mafia continues its plan to do business without the Man of Steel noticing them, a vigilante takes to the streets. Rose and her alter-ego Thorn are back, and they are out to make Metropolis a better place, as long as Superman doesn't stop them.

Initially debuting in 1947 as a Golden Age villain created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, Rose Canton possessed an alternate personality that transformed her into the violent Thorn. She eventually fell in love with Green Lantern Alan Scott and gave birth to the heroes Jade and Obsidian before committing suicide. A new version of the character named Rhosyn Forrest debuted in 1970 and was more a tragic vigilante than a villain.

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Rose Forrest makes her Rebirth-era debut in Action Comics #1012, where she's she is a troubled vigilante using violence to take drugs off the streets of Metropolis. She reaches out to the Daily Planet and is interviewed by Robinson Goode, who's secretly the villainous Red Cloud, to claim that Superman and the city's police know about Thorn's violent activities and allow it to take place.

Apparently, it seems like we can add a conspiracy of mass corruption to the list of things going on that Superman doesn't know about. A crime organization is secretly running the underworld without anyone knowing of its existence, and the police are allowing vigilantes to take drug dealers off the streets. With all this going on behind the Man of Steel's back, it seems worth asking if Superman is still an effective hero.

Leviathan Comes Calling

Leviathan Metropolis

While a lot of people feel powerless these days and see what is wrong with the world but don't know how to fix it, Thorn is someone who has the ability to take the law into her own hands and fix what is broken. She tracks down the members of the mafia who are selling a dangerous street drug called Apocalypse and brutally beats them up.

This is when Leviathan makes its move, approaching Thorn on the scene and asking her to join the organization. The group's mysterious leader has not made his motives known to this point, but recruiting a vigilante seems to show his hand. He tells Thorn she can make a real difference in Metropolis, and since she has been trying to clean it up, their goals could be aligned.

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If the new Leviathan is trying to clean up crime, it's still not clear if that is the organization's overall goal, or why Leviathan would make enemies out of the entire DC Universe. It's clear Leviathan believes that the spy agencies weren't doing a good enough job, but Leviathan may have more noble intentions than anyone initially believed.Even if the organization shares an overall goal with DC's heroes, Superman and his allies will likely take issue with the organization's methodology.

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