DC's Leviathan May Not Be the Killers We Think They Are

Superman Leviathan feature

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Action Comics #1013 from Brian Michael Bendis, Szymon Kudranski, Brad Anderson and Dave Sharpe, on sale now.

The biggest mystery engulfing the DC Universe right now is surrounds what exactly Leviathan is and what exactly they're tying to do. For months now, this secret cabal has been taking out various sinister organizations and making offers to other shady individuals to join its ranks. We've seen Lois Lane and Clark Kent, in particular, trying to unearth the truth but exposing the group has been difficult to do as they're so incognito.

The latest issue of Action Comics, however, offers a startling revelation and a theory from Superman himself that many change the very nature of the untraceable Leviathan, hinting that it might not be the group of killers as we all initially thought.

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When the red-hooded leader of Leviathan tries to recruit Thorn, a vigilante with multiple personalities in Metropolis, she refuses, which leads to a gunfight between her and Leviathan's agents. Superman, monitoring the city from up above, hears the commotion and flies down to perform an interrogation of his own.

When he questions the agent about Leviathan, he finds the soldier is telling the truth, admitting their mission is one for the betterment of the world. But when the Man of Steel tries to remove the mask of this terrorist who thinks he's a freedom fighter, a blue flashing light envelopes the Kryptonian and he ends up being teleported to India. He flies back from New Delhi to Metropolis, and Clark later writes his theory down. Since Leviathan disappeared with Thorn, Superman needs to act quickly, because he doesn't think she was killed for her refusal.

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Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, is quite intrigued when Clark says that he, Lois and Superman believe when Leviathan took out organizations such as Spyral, the D.E.O. and A.R.G.U.S, they didn't kill them. Instead, he thinks they teleported them somewhere, which could've happened with Rose/Thorn. We all assumed the blue light we've seen Leviathan use was destructive but Clark points out there's an anomaly to its power signature which might not have worked with Superman. Whether it's due to his physiology or some malfunction is unclear, but it's an interesting notion.

With all this being posited in the newsroom, Perry wonders what the purpose is of hiding these spy groups. Clark thinks they could just be hostages at present or were simply taken off the board to clear room for Leviathan's rise. They could even be imprisoned similar to what Damian Wayne did to his enemies in Teen Titans. Either way, Clark is adamant Leviathan isn't a killer cell, and he wants to seed this info out to repress the sense of terror sweeping through the city, which Perry isn't sure about as this seems is all still essentially a hunch.

If these groups are being "shifted" to secret locations, they could be conditioned or brain-washed to make recruits for a larger Leviathan, but again, these all lack sufficient evidence, since Leviathan and its operations have been steeped in such mystery. Since Lex Luthor is making offers to DC's villains as par to of DC's Year of the Villain, we don't even know if Leviathan is connected to Lex's turn into the Apex Predator.

It's still not clear who's running Leviathan either, with the Bat-Family last seen chasing Jason Todd down as the main suspect. There's also still talk that Talia, who's previously led an organization by this name, might be leading this new Leviathan and faking out Superman and Batman. Until the hood and mask are lifted, Leviathan's true identity and endgame will remain a mystery.

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