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Superman Legends Revealed!

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Superman Legends Revealed!

In honor of Superman’s new movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, opening this weekend, we decided to spotlight past editions of Comic Book Legends Revealed that has featured Superman over the years!

Check them all out below!

Did Superman’s superspeed spark a disagreement between Albert Einstein and Isaac Asimov?

Did the Superman film originally have a musical sequence in it?

Did Superman gain a mullet because that’s what Dean Cain’s hair looked like at the start of Lois and Clark?

Did the Superman writers coordinate the wedding of Lois and Clark with the TV series?

Discover the amazing “lost” issue of Superman by Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, Brian Bolland and more!

What surprising comic did Post-Crisis Superman debut in?

Did Man of Steel originally feature a Space Shuttle until the Challenger explosion?

Did the unmade script for Superman V become Superman: The Earth Stealers?

How did the film Swing Kids inadvertently lead to the death of Superman?

Did Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster turn down a chance of having Superman appear in comic books YEARS before Action #1?

Did the U.S. War Department ask the Superman radio show to stop using kryptonite?

Did Superman comic books about the dangers of landmines inadvertently led to children in Bosnia going into minefields because they wanted to meet Superman?

Did DC not let John Byrne draw Superman into a Powerpuff Girls pin-up for an issue of PowerpuffGirls…by DC Comics?

Did Tom DeFalco and Paul Ryan pitch a Superman/Thor crossover?

In what unusual way did the Death of Superman count down to the death of Superman?

Did Vin Sullivan come across Superman for Action Comics #1 by writing his friend Sheldon Mayer looking for discarded strips that could work for the title?

Does DC have a trademark on the telescopic style of letters in Superman’s logo?

Did Allied spies use a secret code in the Superman comics?

Did the Superman writers take the title in a drastically different direction than what Byrne intended after he left the title?

Was Elliot S! Maggin fired by DC for allowing Superman to appear in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Challengers of the Unknown?

Did a lawsuit by DC Comics over Captain Marvel force Fawcett to stop publishing comic books?

Was there a Superman storyline set in the Holocaust that avoided using the words “Jew” or “Jewish”?

Did Jimmy Olsen, Perry White and Kryptonite all appear on the Superman radio show first?

How did inflation lead to the first monthly team-up between Batman and Superman?

Did Chuck Austen write Action Comics under the pseudonym J.D. Finn?

How did the Superman comic books deal with Clark Kent’s draft status during World War II?

Were the Superman titles going to marry Clark and Lois before the TV show did?

Did Doomsday make his first appearance at the end of the “Panic in the Sky” storyline?

Did Nazi Germany really give an official rebuttal to a Superman comic book story?

Did Jerry Siegel intend for Lois Lane to learn Superman’s secret identity in 1940?!?!

Did DC get the idea for the Superman villain Brainiac from an old “make your own computer” kit?

Did Lex Luthor become bald by an artist accidentally drawing him that way in a comic?

Was the first Superman comic book story made by cutting up a number of a comic strips?

Did DC produce new Superman comics specifically for Germany in the late 1980s?

Did Superman really battle the Ku Klux Klan on his radio show?

Did a Superboy comic once situate Smallville on the East Coast?

Did a man ask DC Comics for permission to get plastic surgery to look like Superboy?

Did DC give Superman electric powers to help them in their lawsuit against Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s estates?

Was DC Comics took unawares at how big of a hit the Death of Superman would be?

Was Superman’s return from the dead pushed back because of how popular the Death of Superman was?

Did Superman used to appear on Sesame Street?

During the casting for the first Superman movie, did the dentist of one of the film’s producers’ wives get an audition to play Superman?

Was Jack Kirby okay with DC redrawing his Superman faces?

Did DC redraw Alex Toth’s Superman face for a Super Friends comic book, despite Superman on Super Friends being DESIGNED by Alex Toth?

Was a doppelganger of Superman introduced in a Walter Simonson Superman one-shot intended to be how Superman returned from the dead?

Was Superman’s origin vastly different on the Superman radio show?

Did Superman’s powers originally come from the fact that Kryptonians were just all superpowered naturally?

Did Jerry Siegel publicly threaten to kill himself over his poor treatment by DC Comics?

Did Superman seriously once have an evil twin?

Was Clark Kent’s name based on the elements present about Krypton on the periodic table?

Did Jor-El not get named in the comic books until 1945?

Did Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Mark Waid and Tom Peyer have a failed proposal to take over DC’s Superman line of comics in 2000?

Did Siegel and Shuster create a full Superman comic book in 1933 for a different comic book company that was never published?

Was Jerry Siegel’s father shot and killed in a robbery?

Did the cover to the famous Superman/Flash race have an error on it?

Was the musical “It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman!” created based on the success of the Batman TV series?

Was DC Comics Presents #97 an unused pitch for a new Superman comic book?

Did Mort Weisinger give an answer to a kid’s letter that discussed the concept of consummating a marriage?

Is there really a Superman reference in every episode of Seinfeld?

Did the phrase “for truth, justice and the American way” originally not include the “American way” part?

Was a Superman/Green Lantern story by Neil Gaiman stopped during the script stage because it contradicted then-current DC continuity?

How did the creation of World’s Fair Comics lead to dramatic changes in the world of Batman and Superman?

Did DC force Siegel and Shuster to make Lois Lane “prettier” at one point in the 1940s?

Did DC feel that Joe Shuster was making Superman “too gay” at one point in the 1940s?

Is making the “S” symbol on your chest the international sign language sign for “Super”?

Did Walt Eisner really testify that he was hired to remake Superman with the character Wonder Man in a copyright lawsuit?

Is the most recent Superman balloon the biggest balloon that the Macy’s Parade will ever have?

Did Clark Kent never turn into Superman in a phone booth on the Superman TV series and almost never in the comic book either?

Was Superman the inspiration for the Vulcan nerve pinch?

Was there nearly a Superboy TV series in the 1960s?

Did DC make a pilot for a series called the Adventures of Super-Pup with people dressed in dog costumes?

Was the Greatest American Hero initially a Superboy TV series?

Did Superman first fly in the Fleischer cartoons?

Did DC have to change Doomsday’s origins so as to not offend mental health organizations?

Was the Death of Superman based on a comic idea by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner?

Was Alan Moore originally going to write Action Comics after Crisis?

Did Jerry Siegel nearly write “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”

Was Kryptonite invented on the Superman radio show to allow the actor who played Superman to take a vacation?

Did a man pay DC to make a special Superman comic book for his son’s Bar Mitzvah?

Was “For the Man Who Has Everything” the first time Superman used his heat vision offensively?

When did Superman’s “S” become a Kryptonian symbol?

Did Jerry Siegel really write a review of Philip Wylie’s Gladiator?

What in the world is Super-Imagination?!

Finally, Was Superman a Spy?

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