Lana Lang and Jimmy Olsen Prove Their Devotion to Superman

In case you're unfamiliar with the brilliant "Whatever Happened to Man of Tomorrow?," it is a two-part story written by Alan Moore that bid farewell to the Pre-Crisis version of Superman, as the Man of Steel series rebooted Superman's continuity. So Moore wrote an imaginary "final days" of Superman story with art by Curt Swan (inked by George Perez in part 1 and Kurt Schaffenberger in Part 2).

The concept is that for some reason, Superman's enemies are all turning dark and sadistic. They're killing off anyone close to the Man of Steel and with the help of the Kryptonite Man, they might kill him, too! So Superman retreats to the Fortress of Solitude with his closest allies, but they're trapped within its walls while the villains (including Brainiac merging with Luthor to form an extreme version of the Luthor/Brainiac team) have a force field keeping any of Superman's super-allies from helping them do a siege on the Fortress.

Superman talks about stuff with Perry White while Jimmy and Lana decide that they have to help Superman by fighting the villains on his behalf, since the Kryptonite Man is not a problem for them....

Lana's new super-hearing, though, picks up some sad news for her...

That, right there, is the quote. That bittersweet note that while they know they'll never have the top spot in the Man of Steel's heart, no one can say that they loved him more than they do, as the rush off to face a great sense of peril.

And, sure enough, they're both tragically killed...

(Kryptonite Man is ultimately taken out by another one of Superman's closet compatriots. It's super, duper sad. Like, crazy sad).

What a great story this was.

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