Superman Joins Twitter to Bring ‘Truth and Justice’ to the Platform

The world's greatest superhero, Superman, now has his very own Twitter account.

The Last Son of Krypton wasted no time posting his first tweet on Monday, telling his followers, "Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane... it [sic] me."

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While the Man of Steel should remember to proofread any subsequent tweets before posting, the account with the handle @DCSuperman has already amassed thousands of followers and retweets. The account, simply sporting the name of "Superman," even has the blue checkmark of authenticity.

So yes - it really is Superman.

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The Man of Steel followed up with his second tweet a few hours later, posting, "Heard this place was in need of some truth and justice."

Anyone who frequents social media knows the platforms can be ugly and vitriolic sources of insults, shaming, bullying and lies. So Twitter could certainly use a certain Big Blue Boy Scout to put the trolls in their place.

Superman joins his Trinity partners Batman (@DCBatman) and Wonder Woman (@DCWonderWoman) in patrolling the social media site.

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The Big Three aren't the only pop culture characters to have a presence on Twitter, either. An authenticated Homer Simpson (@HomerJSimpson) has been on Twitter for a decade and accumulated over two million followers. And Darth Vader (@DarthVader) has been tweeting even longer.

For a dose of truth and justice, follow Superman at @DCSuperman.

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