Superman Joins The Browns In This DC/NFL Mash-Up Mock Draft

With both "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and the 2016 NFL Draft set to dominate discussion this spring, NFL.com has posted a mash-up list that combines Draft Day strategy with DC Comics characters.

Using this year's draft order, this mock draft sees everyone from the Tennessee Titans with the #1 overall pick to the New England Patriotrs, stripped of their first round pick over "Deflategate," picking DC heroes and villains.

While Bane going #1 ahead of Superman might be a surprise to some, the article smartly points out that Venom is not currently on the NFL's banned substances list. Superman goes to the Browns, a franchise that has been nothing but Kryptonite to many collegiate players, and perhaps most fittingly, Lex Luthor goes to the Patriots with the first round's final pick. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is essentially the Emperor Palpatine of the NFL, and a crafty prospect like Luthor could be just what the Patriots need to stay dominant into the next decade.

Each pick comes with analysis from the NFL.com staff, wherein they justify each pick and figure out how each DC character would benefit the team that snatched them up; Supergirl, who is drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, possesses "a scary combination of speed and power" and is "arguably the most complete running back in the draft." The Chicago Bears end up drafting Wonder Woman in the first round because her skills as a warrior make her the "heavy favorite for defensive player of the year."

You can see some of the picks below and read the rest of the write-ups over at NFL.com.

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