Superman's Secret Identity Reveal Will Not Be the End of Clark Kent

The Man of Steel's secret identity will soon be revealed to the entire DC Universe. This won't be an alternate reality or a parallel earth, nor any sort of ruse on the part of his villains --  Superman will tell the world he is Clark Kent.

Making his debut on the character with the Man of Steel miniseries after a short story in Action Comics #1000, writer Brian Michael Bendis has carved a new frontier with not only Superman but Lois Lane and Jon Kent. In fact, since the move to DC in 2017, Bendis has made his mark across the DC universe, notably so with the aging of Jon and the son of steel taking a spot alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes. However, as Bendis explained to The Washington Post, Clark Kent will not melt away once Superman reveals his identity.

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"I get why people would immediately think … that Clark Kent just goes away," he said. "Clark Kent is a huge part of who [Superman] is. It’s who he grew up as. He’s not giving it up. He’s sharing it with people. He’s saying 'this is who I truthfully am. This is how I’m good at both jobs, and I want you to know that so we have a more honest relationship.'"

The upcoming storyline, aptly titled "The Truth," will play out in Superman #18-19 and will answer key questions about the balance of being the world's greatest hero and an ace reporter for the Daily Planet.

Bendis also clarified some of the questions the issues will approach. "How it affects business. How it affects the Daily Planet. How it affects how he gets stories. How [will] people perceive his stories?" he said. "Does he have to give his Pulitzer back? All of these things are going to be addressed very quickly."

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Following "The Truth," DC will release a pair of one-shots that will analyze the fallout from Superman's reveal titled Superman: Heroes and Superman: Villains. The issues will showcase the impact of Clark's secret identity across the DC Universe from the biggest names, both good and evil.

Superman #18, by Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, goes on sale Dec. 11 from DC.

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