Superman, History of Violence, Batman: June 9th Comic Reel Wrap


Superman-V.com has details on three of the six actors being screen-tested for a cape of their own. The candidates are Henry Cavill ("The Count of Monte Cristo"), Jared Padalecki ("New York Minute"), and Jason Behr ("Roswell"). The remaining three unnamed possibilities are virtually unknown actors.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that Viggo Mortensen and New Line are reuniting to work on David Cronenberg's adaptation of "A History of Violence." Mortensen is slated to play the ordinary father who receives unwanted national attention for a seemingly vigilante-style self-defense killing at his diner.


About.com has a new interview with Carsten Norgaard where he's amazingly taciturn about the details of the action film, but discusses some of the technical details of his experience filming.


Little did you know, the New York Licensing Show took place with you being hardly aware of it. At said show, Warner Brothers brought a little toy of theirs -- the new Batmobile, and there's a ton of new photos for you to check out.


Also at said show, Marvel showed some of their ideas for the future including promotional art for the Stark and Richards stories respectively.


Dark Horizons has a report from a scooper who wrote in to say, "Just attended a question and answer session with Kevin Smith Last night (7th June) at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, London. Kevin talked a lot about upcoming projects and when asked how he was going to tackle the leap into directing action scenes in Green Hornet he replied. 'I may not direct it now.' He continued to tell us that he had talked to miramax about just writing it and then deciding if he will direct. Miramax have agreed to let him just write it but are still eager for him to direct. Kevin also confirmed that a small independent film of a budget of around £250,000 will be his next project. He told us he has already got most of the cast and Ben Affleck is not going to be in it, not due to any problem with Ben, he honestly just didn't need Ben for this project."


Filmjerk has a early review of the big screen adaptation. It's not flattering.


Comics Continuum has a new announcement from Warner Brothers animation about the new series featuring the Last Canine of Krypton. The network description reads, "Krypto The Superdog chronicles the comedic canine adventures of Metropolis' day-saving superdog from Planet Krypton. Krypto jettisons to Earth after traveling across the galaxies as a test-pilot puppy aboard a malfunctioning rocket ship built by Superman's father. Landing astray on unfamiliar terrain, the fully-grown Krypto swiftly seeks out companionship on Earth and flips over Kevin Whitney, a young boy who too longs for friendship. With an amazing array of super hero powers, ranging from heat vision to super strength to flying, Krypto partners with best pal Kevin to fight evil forces that threaten the safety and well-being of the people and animals of Metropolis."


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