Superman, Hellboy 2, Small Gods: June 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


XTVWorld has a press release that all but confirms "Smallville" star Tom Welling as the heir apparent to the cape. In the release, producer Al Gough said, "In order to get a whole new generation of Superman fans, we need to get someone people recognize. Tom can really bring in a new generation of fans. Once Smallville has finished, which will be at the end of it's fifth season, it's pretty much a big move onto the silver screen." However, Kryptonsite is pooh-poohing the news as a "made up article."


Tippet Studios' animation supervisor Todd LaBonte talked to Moviehole, and said that the first talks with director Guillermo del Toro about the sequel will start in January. "We get along so well with Del Toro so I'm really looking forward to it," LaBonte said.


Comics Continuum has some news about voice casting for next season. Welsh actor Ioan Gruffud, best known as Horation Hornblower in the A&E series of the same name, will give voice to Mister Miracle. Comedy legend Arte Johnson will also be on the same episode, working as Verman Vunderbar. "He was great to work with," said story editor Dwayne McDuffie. "He was one of my favorites."


According to The Hollywood Reporter (subscription required), Hollywood big shot Daniel Alter has optioned rights to the Image Comics series "Small Gods," developing it as a television series. Alter is also working on adaptations of Image's "Sword of Dracula" and Devil's Due's "Hack/Slash."


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