Superman, He-Man, Elektra, Batman Begins: The Comic Reel Wrap for January 7


According to the Hollywood Reporter, two major roles in the Bryan Singer-directed DC adaptation have been filled. Lois Lane will be played by "Blue Crush" actress Kate Bosworth and the film's primary antagonist, Lex Luthor, will be played by Bosworth's "Under The Sea" co-star, Kevin Spacey.


In an IESB video interview (Windows Media Player required) with actor Jason Lewis, he pooh-poohed the idea he was already cast in John Woo's muscular adaptation. "I think that's rumor, man, I don't even think they've started casting that sucker," said Lewis. "I'd have to see the script first."


Speaking of IESB, the site also caught up with actress Rosario Dawson and "Nip/Tuck" star Julian McMahon (Windows Media Player required) about playing Gail and Dr. Doom, respectively.


Sci Fi Wire has director Rob Bowman discussing his "sci fi chops," saying, "You're always looking for what's the story that you're telling, regardless of the genre. And after I'd read the screenplay for 'Elektra,' I did research on who she was, back to Greek mythology. And this seemed to be quite an interesting, complicated person to investigate. In terms of the hyper-real, surreal or science-fiction aspects of it, I'm obviously very familiar with it, and I think I was comfortable handling the more exotic parts of the story, balancing that against [star] Jennifer [Garner's] very real, gut-wrenching personal story. So I felt like, 'OK, this is within my realm, and I know that it needs to be commercial. But more important to me was the power of Elektra's personal story.' And so bringing, you know, muscles built during The 'X-Files' and 'X-Files' movie and 'Reign of Fire,' I thought, 'I understand how to make this film.'"

Meanwhile, IGN's FilmForce has a video clip (QuickTime) featuring -- wait for it -- Jennifer Garner kissing co-star Natassia Malthe, as both are in character as Elektra and Typhoid Mary. Mrowr!

Also, About.com has an interview with Garner, where she talks about building on her experience from the TV show "Alias." "Everything that I've learned at the time has been the most difficult, so it just makes sense that the fights would become more complicated as time went on," Garner said.

Finally, according to Comics Continuum, Kurt Max Runte is playing Elektra's father, Nikolas Natchios, in flashback sequences (replacing actor Erick Avari, who played the character in "Daredevil"), with Laura Wards playing the young Elektra.


What's that? You'd love to see the new trailer in high resolution? Well, Warner Brothers is happy to offer it to you in Windows Media format.

Also, veteran actor Gary Oldman talked to Sci Fi Wire about a real perk of playing Lt. Jim Gordon. "I do get [to drive the Batmobile] in this film. I think I'm one of the few characters [who does] ... It's a coup to be able to get to drive the Batmobile. They may let me take one home. I think there's about six or seven of them." Sci Fi Wire also discusses the movie's international cast.


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