40 Greatest Superman Stories: #40-36

You all voted, now here, as part of our celebration of Superman and Lois Lane's 80th Anniversary, are the results of what you chose as the 40 Greatest Superman Stories!


40. "Time and Time Again” (Adventures of Superman #476-478, Action Comics #663-664, Superman #54-55)

In this charming adventure story, Superman is thrust into the timestream where he bounces around different eras while trying to get his way back home. In essence, though, it was just an excuse for Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern and Jerry Ordway to tell great “done in one” stories of Superman in different time periods, including the past (World War II), the PAST past (Superman versus dinosaurs) and the future (Superman teams up with the Legion of Super-Heroes at two very different points in their lives). The art was by Jurgens and Brett Breeding, Bob McLeod and Ordway and Dennis Janke.

Here is a segment showing Superman doing the time of King Arthur...

39. “The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue!” Superman Volume 1 #162

Leo Dorfman, Curt Swan and George Klein gave us this Silver Age classic where we see an Imaginary Story where Superman splits himself into two beings (one with a Blue costume and one with a Red costume) and effectively solves all of the world’s problems (plus finally solves the Lois Lane/Lana Lang dilemma by just marrying them both!). This later inspired a late 1990s storyline where Superman also split into two beings.

38. “Final Crisis” (Final Crisis #1-7, Superman Beyond #1-2)

In this epic crossover by Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones and Doug Mahnke (at least the Superman parts were almost all by Mahnke), the Multiverse itself is at risk from an attack by a sort of vampire from beyond the Multiverse and it is up to Superman to rally the people of the Multiverse to save it while also saving the people of Earth from an attack by Darkseid!

Early in the story, Superman fights off Mandrakk in a two-part offshoot of the main Final Crisis story called Superman Beyond, which was in in 3-D. Superman fights alongside different versions of himself from different parts of the Multiverse as he takes on Mandrakk in a giant Superman thought-robot. It is as cool as it sounds...

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