40 Greatest Superman Stories: #3-1

You all voted, now here, as part of our celebration of Lois Lane and Superman's 80th Anniversary, are the results of what you chose as the 40 Greatest Lois Lane Stories!


3. “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” (Superman #423/Action Comics #583)

In 1986, the Superman titles were rebooted with John Byrne's Man of Steel. This also marked the end of Julius Schwartz's long run as the editor of the Superman titles (it was something like 23 years at that point). So, since continuity was being rebooted after these issues, Schwartz figured that they should have a "final" Superman story. After they couldn't work things out with Jerry Siegel, Schwartz instead turned to the hottest comic book writer on the planet at the time, Alan Moore, who came up with a real humdinger of a story. Working with Curt Swan on pencils for each issue and George Perez on inks for the first part and then Kurt Schaffenberger and Murphy Anderson for the second part, the story is told from the future where Lois Lane reflects on to the last days of the Man of Steel.

It all started when Superman's seemingly normal villains suddenly got super twisted, like Bizarro destroying Bizarro World and coming to Earth to die (just like how Superman ended up on Earth to live after his planet was destroyed)...

Something a little bit underrated about Moore is that he has never been afraid to use the "silly" language that certain comic book characters talk in to great effect. Other comic book writers seem weirded out by stuff like having the Hulk talk like "Why puny humans not leave Hulk alone?" Moore was always on point with that stuff.

Anyhow, Superman brings all of his friends and family together for one last stand and there's a beautiful moment where Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang are, like, screw it, we can help save Superman. We're not just the second string (even as Lana's new powers allow her to hear Superman talk about Lois being his true love)...

There's a great twist when we learn the true enemy of the piece.

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