40 Greatest Superman Stories: #25-21

You all voted, now here, as part of our celebration of Superman and Lois Lane's 80th Anniversary, are the results of what you chose as the 40 Greatest Superman Stories!


25. “The Living Legends of Superman” (Superman #400)

Elliot S! Maggin teamed up with a variety of top-notch artists (Joe Orlando, Al Williamson, Frank Miller, Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin, Wendy Pini, Mike Kaluta and Kelly Adler and Klaus Janson) to tell a variety of short stories where people reflect on what Superman means to them. It begins in the present and slowly goes further and further into the future until we get the point where Superman has basically become a religion. Fascinating stuff. I especially like the one bit where two college professors in the future debate whether Superman ever actually existed.

24. “The Origin of Superman!” (Superman #53)

Bill Finger put together all the various aspects of Superman’s origin that we had learned over the years to provide the first cohesive origin of Superman (although while still omitting his time as Superboy for some reason). The art was by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye.

Here, we see the first real attempt at describing how young Clark Kent decided to become Superman. Few Superman origin stories really seem to get into the whole WHY he became Superman (because the whole "He was Superboy" deal takes care of that for the most part), so this was an intriguing take. It's interesting to see Finger put such an important spin on a character that he was not really known for writing...

23. “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes” (Action Comics #858-863)

In this six-part arc, Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Jon Sibal brought back the Levitz-era Legion of Super-Heroes as Superman finds himself on a futuristic Earth where the planet has been turned away from all aliens, including most of the Legion of Super-Heroes! Can Superman, an alien himself, turn the tide?

And what happens when he sees that the Earth, in the future, has a RED Sun??!?

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