40 Greatest Superman Stories: #10-7

You all voted, now here, as part of our celebration of Superman and Lois Lane's 80th Anniversary, are the results of what you chose as the 40 Greatest Superman Stories!


10. Kingdom Come (Kingdom Come #1-4)

After a horrible tragedy sends him into seclusion for a decade, Superman is pulled out of retirement by the behavior of the “superheroes” of the DC future, but soon Mark Waid and Alex Ross are testing Superman’s very beliefs as he find himself acting more and more like the world’s “Big Brother.” For instance, he can preach noble things to Wonder Woman here...

But then strip superhumans of their civil rights by placing them in a gulag for "their protection." And when things go wrong there, can even the Man of Steel put things right?

9. "Red Son" (Superman: Red Son #1-3)

Simply put, what if Superman landed in the Soviet Union instead of the United States? That’s the question that Mark Millar, Dave Johnson, Kilian Plunkett, Andrew Robinson and Walden Wong try to answer in this Elseworlds mini-series that also sees a Soviet version of Batman and also a taste of what Lex Luthor would be like if the rest of the United States was actually on his side! We see all the major characters, like Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, but just with a unique twist...

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