Who Won the Two Great Superman The Movie Contests?

This is a feature called "Win What's Never Been Won." This is about looking back at the history of comic book contests and showing who the winners were of the various contests (if we can tell who the winners are - I don't think anyone will ever know who won that Clark Bar Superhero Sweepstakes from the late 1970s).

I featured this as a Comic Book Questions Answered once, but obviously it fits here better, so here ya go!

In DC Comics with cover dates of August and September 1977, there was a notice on the cover about how "YOU could be in the SUPERMAN movie - details inside."

Those are the Superman covers, but lots of DC comics had that same notice.

Inside the comic with those notices was the following comic book contest...

The letters needed to be cut out to then send in as part of the contest (you had to spell out Superman and then either Clark Kent or Kal-El) were then printed in the letters pages of various DC comics for those months. Here are the ones from the aforementioned Superman #314 and #315...

DC books typically had a tag made at the bottom of a letter column to help promote other comics, so they just removed them to put the letters in their place. Luckily, they had an ad for a new reprint of Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul's first battle that was cut out to be replaced by the contest rules (the contest was come up with at the last possible minute, so the books for the month had already been laid out).

Naturally, tens of thousands of people entered the contest. Interestingly, as far as I can tell, there wasn't any age limits either way (you know, kids younger than X cannot enter or kids older than X cannot enter), but the winners were both roughly the same age.

Tim Hussey (from California) and Ed Finneran (from Massachusetts) were the winners...

They are worked into a scene early in the film where Clark Kent is serving as the Smallville football team's equipment manager. The football team all drop their helmets off at Clark's feet and you'll notice that two of the players (dressed in gray without numbers on their uniforms) are noticeably smaller than the others...

Those are presumably Hussey and Finneran.

That contest did so well, though, that DC did a SECOND contest and it was a bit more complicated!

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