'Superman: Godfall' continues to sell out at DC

The Man of Steel's powerful new story arc "Godfall" continues its sales momentum as DC Comics announces that ACTION COMICS #812 Second Printing, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #625 Second Printing, and SUPERMAN #202 all have sold out at the publisher.

SUPERMAN #202 (DEC030251) sold out at DC on February 27, two days after reaching stores on February 25.

ACTION COMICS #812 Second Printing (DEC035285) and ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #625 Second Printing (DEC035286) both sold out on February 27, five days before their in-store date of March 3.

"Joe Kelly, Mike Turner and Talent Caldwell all were really psyched to do this story," says Senior Editor Eddie Berganza. "From the first image of Superman on a motorcycle, we knew this was going to be a unique story with a lot of surprises. And I also want to thank Peter Steigerwald for his amazing color work on the books."

"I'm thrilled to hear how well the books are doing," says cowriter Kelly. "The Aspen crew has been kicking butt from page one on this project, and it's great to see that the fans are responding to everyone's hard work. Mike, Talent and I had a lot of fun whipping up this arc, and I think everyone will see how our enthusiasm and desire to put Superman through his paces ratchets up issue by issue!"

"I'm so happy that people are enjoying this story," says cowriter/cover artist Turner, "and I can personally say that [artist] Talent's really excited, too. He's been working his butt off for four or five months straight on it, and he couldn't be more thrilled to have people see it at last. We've been having a blast working with Joe Kelly, too, and there's still a lot of wild stuff coming in the last three chapters."

"We vigorously printed the SUPERMAN issue as well as the second printings of ACTION COMICS and ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "We suggest that retailers increase their orders on the remaining chapters of this story as soon as possible."

Please note that DC has no plans to go back to press on these issues at this time. Copies still may be available at retail.

Upcoming chapters of "Godfall" are available as follows:

* ACTION COMICS #813 (JAN040222) is available for advance reorder and is scheduled to arrive in stores on March 10.

* ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #626 (JAN040223) is available for advance reorder and is scheduled to arrive in stores on March 17.

* SUPERMAN #203 (JAN040224) is solicited in the January issue of Previews (Volume XIV, #1) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on March 31.

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