Superman, Ghost Rider, X-Men 3, Teen Titans: October 13th Comic Reel Wrap


The battle of the online fan sites continues, as Devoted to Smallville chimes in with a gallery of screen captures from last Wednesday's episode "Facade." Kryptonsite, however, has a full salvo of data, including fresh spoilers about actress Jane Seymour coming to the show and a title for the tenth episode ("Scare").


Speaking of the Last Son of Krypton, "World's Finest" fan film star Mike O'Hearn gave Moviehole an update on the status of his audition for the role of Man of Steel. "Just got a call from my manager Daniel Paul. He talked to Warner Bros., and yes, I am still in the hunt for Superman/Clark Kent in the new Warner Bros. movie 'Unbelievable' -- budget of 200 million. Filming does not start until March 2005. My manager however did pass on all the comments that the superhero websites fans are posting. As soon as I'm finished with my next reading for Superman/Clark Kent -- I'll give you an update."

Director Bryan Singer had a sit-down with Ain't It Cool News where he officially declares Mark Millar the loser of his "Caviezel-in-a-Cape" bet with Harry Knowles among other topics. "I'm committed to casting an unknown," Singer said. The director did express sadness for having to leave the X-Men franchise: "I had a very strong vision for the next X-MEN picture. But SUPERMAN has always been a dream of mine. Things weren't moving as quickly as ... it was difficult, and I love those actors and I have a strong relationship with the X-Men universe. I'm still taking over the writing of Ultimate X-Men for a year, so I'm by no means out of that universe. But I've had an idea for a SUPERMAN movie for many years, so for me the fact that it was available and Warner Bros. was willing to take everything it had spent 11 years developing with three other directors and throw it completely out and let me start from scratch at an accelerated level of time...once they showed the willingness, the desire and excitement to do that after my pitch, it became an obvious choice for me, but a difficult one."

From the other side of the aisle, actor Jim Caviezel confirmed to IESB.net "There have been no direct talks with Bryan Singer, all talks have been through mediators."


Superhero Hype has an update on the Mark Steven Johnson-helmed Marvel adaptation, giving up spoilers on characters and possible plot points. Additionally, the director will be joined by producer Gary Foster and cinematographer Russell Boyd on Wednesday October 27th at Melbourne's AMCI Cinemas. Finally, screenwriter Shane Salerno will be guest of honor at Los Angeles' Screenwriting Expo 3, November 6, 2004 (the schedule is available in PDF format here). Filming starts January 2005 in Australia.


Ultimate X has news about the hunt for a new director, by narrowing the list of candidates down to three men and says that Anna Paquin will be part of the Wolverine spinoff film.


Comics Continuum has updates on new episodes of the Cartoon Network hit shows, including screen captures and plot spoilers.


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