Superman, Ghost Rider, Sin City, Watchmen: The Comic Reel Wrap for March 16th


Proving that they are more ubiquitous in Australia than dingoes or kangaroos, Superhero Hype has set photos from the Kent farm shoot, showing both the farm and the crash site for a certain baby-laden space ship.

Meanwhile, the Northern Daily Leader reports that actors Brandon Routh and Eva Marie Saint touched down on Tuesday, giving a little glamor to an apparently drab locale.

Finally, if you don't want alleged spoilers about the story and super suit, for the love of Great Caesar's Ghost, don't click this link to Latino Review. Consider yourselves warned.


Speaking of Australia, Superhero Hype also has an update (clearly used to distribute their spies) on new shooting locations down under, while Comingsoon.net lists the release date as August 4, 2006.


In an effort to completely dominate today's Comic Reel, Superhero Hype also has a mess of new images from the Frank Miller adaptation ... including some very saucy ones of Jessica Alba as Nancy. Ride 'em, cowgirl ...


Director Paul Greengrass talked to CHUD about working on the Alan Moore adaptation. "It's a bit like how do you fit fifteen people through a small door simultaneously," Greengrass said. "That's what pre-production is like in the early stages. How do you fit an American football team through a door that's about two feet wide and three foot tall. You have to crew up first of all – not first of all, these are in no order of priorities, these are just the things you have to do. You have to start designing sets and wardrobe. You have to start really analyzing how you're going to make the film. You have to start working on the screenplay. You have to start thinking about casting. You have to start thinking about budgets. We've made a good start. It's interesting  the kind of issues that first raise their head, really. How do you deliver the 'Citizen Kane' of comic books to screen? That is basically the problem. It's a bit intimidating to be honest. I believe two things, really: I do believe, obviously because I am here, that you can make a film based on Watchmen the novel that is both truthful to the novel and also works in two hours. I really do believe that, I wouldn't be here if I didn't. The second point is that I believe in an odd kind of way that it's twenty years since Watchmen, give or take a year or two – certainly twenty years since it was set – and I think in many ways a lot of what Watchmen was about is very, very relevant to today. I think that those are the two things that beat most passionately inside me."


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