Superman, Ghost Rider, Constantine: December 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


An Australian site is reporting that the production is getting too big for its britches. "The bronzed, theme park-rich inhabitants of the Gold Coast will be visited by Superman in more ways than one next year. As well as a $121 million ride being built at Warner Bros Movie World in honor of the flick, some of Superman Returns will be filmed north of the Tweed. While production of the film, starring Brandon Routh, is well underway in Sydney, a Spike mole tells us one of the sets is too big for Moore Park and will be built at Warner Bros's Queensland headquarters."


Will the Midnight Cowboy face off against Johnny Blaze? Veteran actor Jon Voight tells IESB that he still may have a role as well in the big screen adaptation from writer/director Mark Steven Johnson. Voight's company is producing the film, apparently, as well.


Warner Brothers released some photos from the upcoming big screen adaptations, and Comingsoon.net was happy to post them online for your review.


Comics Continuum has a set of screen captures from the recently-released trailer for the Dark Horse film.

Speaking of, several alert readers (among them Hector Lima and Andy Khouri) noted that the link we posted yesterday for the trailer went down. This should make you much happier (in QuickTime).


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