Superman, Ghost Rider, Batman Begins: February 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Eva Marie Saint talked to IESB and revealed a spoiler about her character Martha Kent and where the latest film picks up in the "continuity" of what we've seen before. She shoots her scenes in March for just three weeks.

Meanwhile, apparently "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" star Zak Penn has been cast in a role for the Brandon Routh-fueled DC adaptation, according to BollyVista.com.


Fox News is reporting that Eva Mendes ("Out of Time," "Hitch") has signed on to join Nicolas Cage in the story of Johnny Blaze. Also, one of Superhero Hype's sources notes that Halon Entertainment will be working on the effects works, saying, "From what I understand the fx team are using the very latest Maya software from Alias."


If you missed the new commercial during the Super Bowl, Warner Brothers has posted it (QuickTime only) for you.


The NECA website has more previews of figures from the film, this time showing Manute (played by Michael Clarke Duncan) in fine detail. The Marvel Collector's Club also has an image of the Marv statue in full color.


Devoted to Smallville has the closest we've seen to a deleted scene from this season, with still images inserting a very different character into Lana's nightmares from the episode "Scare." They also have fresh spoilers from the prom episode, called "Spirit." Finally, actor John Glover was interviewed on "The Hot Morning Show," and the entire interview has been posted (MP3 only).


We received an email from Eddie Mishan about screen captures scanned from Game Informer magazine showing images based on what we'll see in the film.


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