Superman Gains New [Spoilers] in "Action Comics" #49

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Action Comics" #49, in stores now.

Following a radical approach to regaining his superpowers, which essentially consisted of taking a bath in Kryptonite crystals in last week's "Superman" #48, Superman is back to full strength -- sort of.

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In this week's "Action Comics" #49, Greg Pak, Aaron Kuder and Ardian Syaf continue "The Savage Dawn," the inter-title story of the Man of Steel's journey to recovering his powers by imbuing the DC Comics icon with a new power set.

While his super strength, invulnerability and flight have been restored, the Kryptonite therapy has resulted in several new abilities. First, Superman's punches aren't merely super-strong -- they also result in an explosion of kinetic energy when they connect, giving them a bit of extra strength. And, taking the place of his super hearing and vision is a the ability to "feel transmissions" or "energy waves" from around the world, like radio, satellite or cel tower signals.

Of course, these powers come with a downside, which hints that they're likely non-permanent additions to Superman's arsenal; if Clark's unable to burn off the excess radiation from his Kryptonite treatment, he'll die. And while one of DC's biggest heroes truly being in mortal peril is unlikely, with DC's Rebirth lurking around the corner, perhaps all bets are off.

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