10 Superpowers We All Forgot Superman Has

It’s in the man’s name - Superman’s pretty super! There is barely anything that the Last Son Of Krypton can’t do. He has very few weaknesses, and no editor at DC seems to mind when writers give him new abilities. The movies have sort of restricted him for the most part to the basics - hearing, strength, vision, flight, and a few others, but in the comics, with over eighty years of continuity and creators, the Blue Blur has countless abilities. They range from world-ending catastrophic powers to... super basket weaving?!??

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There is literally nothing the Man Of Tomorrow can’t do, except perhaps cure diseases. The list goes on and on. Superman has showcased so many abilities over the years that he’s probably forgotten that he can shoot rainbows out of his fingers, and he heals so naturally and quickly that no one seems to acknowledge his healing factor. Let's take a look at some of his more obscure, often absurd abilities.

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10 Solar Flare

Out of all of Kal-El’s powers that he has to keep in check, this one has got to be the most powerful and dangerous. He hasn’t done it that often, but if you cheese Clark off enough, he can overcharge the cells in his body that absorb the sun’s rays and produce a massive solar flare.

The flare will incinerate anyone and everything remotely near the Last Son Of Krypton at the time he detonates himself. The move also renders him as weak as your average human, too.

9 Super Silver Age Shenanigans

For whatever reason, the Silver Age Of Comics is littered with all kinds of straight-up silliness. Seemingly every other issue of Superman comics had the Man Of Steel revealing some new superpower to the world, but most of them were borderline comedy. They were often intended for Supes to simply pull a silly prank on somebody.

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Some of these powers included, but were not limited to, super ventriloquism (and Krypto has this power too), super basket weaving, super eating, and the ever popular super dancing. You know, just in case he ever met up with Marvel’s Peter Quill for a dance-off or something (now there's a crossover idea).

8 Microscopic Vision

Most of the time, all Superman needs to do with any of his abilities is apply brute strength to the situation. With his eyes, he has heat vision, and x-day vision. But sometimes, he can’t just plow through opponents to save citizens. Sometimes, a little super finesse is needed.

If Superman needs to review the structural damage of a building before swooping in and accidentally destroying absolutely everything (as superheroes tend to do), he has microscopic vision as well.

7 Shapeshifting

In Superman # 45, way back in 1947, Superman was taken captive by aliens who like to collect living beings for their mega trophy case.

Not wanting to be an exhibit for a zoo, or worse, Superman does what any of us would do in this situation - he smushes and smashes his entire body together, shapeshifting to resemble the demonic-looking aliens that took him in the first place, so as to surprise his captors and bring the fight to them.

6 Can Clone Himself

During the late nineties, DC introduced and electrified Superman Red and Superman Blue. It was the status quo for a while, but it’s also something he’s done several times before, both in the comics and on the Adventures Of Superman TV series.

In the episode “Rescue,” Superman had to be in two places at once to save Lois and an old prospector, both trapped in a mine. Luckily, he's got a clone handy!

5 Super Mind Powers

With John Byrne’s classic reboot in the eighties, an older ability of Superman's returned to try and explain how the Man Of Steel Can fly and control minds. Superman was able to fly, we were told, using a quasi-telekinesis.

As for his telepathy, it’s something that Clark tried to teach Lois in the Lois And Clark show. It makes some sort of sense, we guess: Clark is super in so many ways, so why wouldn't he have the power of super hypnosis on top of telekinesis and telepathy?

4 The Super Kiss

Superman II has a lot of great moments in it, but most memorable is Lois using her amazing investigative journalism skills to deduce that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same. Once she does, she and Clark become an item, but it just wasn't safe for her to have this knowledge.

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Towards the end of the film, Supes plants one on Lois; a kiss so powerful that it wipes out her memory. He’s been able to pull this feat off in the comics as well. It's just a little too cheesy, but heck, all logic goes out of the window when it comes to the things Superman can do.

3 The All-Speak

Thor’s able to do it, and he’s a demigod. Why wouldn’t Superman be able to do it? As he traverses both our world and the cosmos, the Man Of Steel has the ability to be able to understand and communicate in any and all languages.

The guy can read at a ridiculous speed, so of course he’d be able to learn any language. There’s no magic involved here, but he does have the ability to be a super learner.

2 Time Travel

He did it when he failed to save Lois at the end of the original Superman. Letting out a fierce animal cry, Superman flew around the planet several times to rewind what happened and fix Lois’ death, But it’s not something he hasn’t done before in the comics.

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He’s headed back in time with Batman on his back (now that was a sight to behold). He’s even tried to head back to Krypton to save his people, but to no avail.

1 Phasing

Speedsters like the Flash and Jessie Quick have done it. Even Superman’s cousin, Supergirl, can do it. Superman has, on a few occasions, been known to vibrate his body fast enough to phase right through objects, or have objects phase right through him.

George Reeves' version of Supes had done it on Adventures Of Superman and Superman even did it when he had a rematch with Doomsday - why the Man Of Steel didn’t think to that with the killer the first time around is beyond us.

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