Superman, Fantastic Four, Transformers, Ghost Rider: May 30th Comic Reel Wrap


The second unit on the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation did some filming in Los Angeles, and IESB fought the traffic to bring you photos from the shoot.


Superhero Hype has new international posters showing each individual characters and the new international trailers are up over at Apple's website, and international release dates here. Finally, Ioan Gruffudd talked to Contact Music about being disappointed with the limited amount of time he got to make out with Jessica Alba.


According to Cinescape, producer Don Murphy said, "Michael Bay is signed at this point for the film -- BUT he has to finish 'THE ISLAND' and it's not finished yet -- before he can focus on TF. His Line Producer a great guy named Ian Bryce is dealing with department heads and other details. We were hoping to have a script last week but we don't. But we will soon. Voice actors and Arcee and other things will be addressed at the right time. Welcome to the hell that is Producing -- things move VERY slowly in my world. And yes, it is frustrating to me."


Superhero Hype also has another batch of set photos from the Nicolas Cage vehicle.


Comics Continuum has screen captures from last Saturday's new episode, "Fire and Ice," and note that June 4th's episode "The Laughing Bat" will be the last new episode of the season.


On a personal note: one of my best friends is a Marine. He was assigned to go house to house, shooting hostiles, in Iraq. I'm very happy to say he's back, safe, in the States. Today, whether you agree with their orders or not, today it'd be nice if you'd just remember the people who signed up to protect you, living and dead, no matter where you live, whether you want them to or not.

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