Superman, Fantastic Four, Spaced: September 27th Comic Reel Wrap


Writer Dan Harris talked to David Giammarco, and let some beans spill about the beleaguered project. "But Dan Harris assured me that this new Superman film will not be some crazy reworking of the legend as had been rumored. He said it will be similar in tone to the first two 'Superman' films and will basically 'pick up' where 'Superman 2' left off (the best of the series, I might add!!) He hinted that even Terrence Stamp, who played General Zod so terrifyingly well in the first two 'Superman' films, 'figures' into this new 'Superman' film ... he was being coy, but it looks like he's got some big surprises in store for the much-anticipated 'Superman' film."

Also, a note in Variety said, "Warners has tentatively booked the Fox Studios in Sydney for its epic 'Superman.' Director Bryan Singer and a contingent of WB execs visited the studios two weeks ago, and the shoot -- reportedly stretching to 120 days -- is expected to start early next year."

Finally, it looks like Mark Millar is gonna have to make with the checkbook, and Harry Knowles will get to smirk smugly. According to an NYU student who wrote in to Moviehole, Bryan Singer, along with Michael Dougherty, and Dan Harris all popped by NYU this week to talk all things Kryptonian, and Singer slammed reports that Jim Caviezel is even in the running. "He said that he really wants to cast an unknown in the lead ... he said, with ample humor, that since Caviezel, is KNOWN, he won't cast him. He also mentioned that he's looking for an actor between 25 and 30."


The Fox Movies site has posted an official synopsis of the upcoming Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation under their "coming soon" section. "Marvel's beloved superhero team comes to the big screen. Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, who can elongate his body; Susan Storm/Invisible Woman, who not only can become invisible at will but can render other objects invisible; Johnny Storm/Human Torch, who can shoot fire from his finger tips and bend flame; and Ben Grimm/The Thing, a hideously misshapen monster with superhuman strength, together battle the evil Doctor Doom."

Meanwhile, Heidi Macdonald's Beat weblog has new set photos from Vancouver, where the production is paying tribute to the late great Jack Kirby.

Speaking of photos, Hollywood North Report has fresh photos of a "Von Doom Industries" set, including a statue of the man himself.

Finally, Superhero Hype has an anonymous source alleging that former "X-Files" mystery woman Laurie Holden has joined the cast as "Debbie," a pre-Alicia Masters fiancee for Ben Grimm.


In David Goyer's interview with British magazine SFX, the writer/director talked about his influences. "The moment in 'Year One' when Bruce Wayne is returning to Gotham after a multi-year absence," Goyer said. "I was captivated by that. I wanted to explore what had happened in those intervening years. And I also wanted to depict the moment when he decides to leave Gotham -- what he would say to Alfred, his foster father, and how that would take a terrible toll on his heart, and because we were using Ra's al Ghul, we definitely used some of the Denny O'Neill issues as a point of reference."

In addition, Katie Holmes appeared on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," and Comics Continuum caught it, complete with screen captures. "I'm a very priveleged young girl," Holmes said. "At first I saw the Batmobile move and turn on the lights and everything before I got to ride in it. And just the sound of it and seeing it take off so fast, I was like, 'Ohhhhh, I get it, why men watch NASCAR and obsess over cars.' It was awesome. We shot parts of it in Chicago and people would be going down the river on their boats after having some cocktails and would go, 'Is that the Batmobile?'"


Variety also reports, "[Australian] execs cite several catalysts, including the opening last March of the Central City Studios in Melbourne, which will house 'Ghost Rider,' the Columbia pic starring Nicolas Cage, helmed by Mark Steven Johnson."


Kryptonsite has some news about the hit WB series, including screen captures of a new trailer shown on Sunday, as well as spoilerish images from the October 6th episode, "Facade," an official description of later episode "Devoted," and more promo images for the show's cast.

The team at spunky upstart Devoted to Smallville have all those photos and more. Finally, a keen-eyed poster on their message boards has a screen capture showing Lana's new tattoo on the cave wall in Smallville.


Marvel's website has new information about the upcoming DVD project and how fans can get involved. "The Ultimate Avengers are coming to life in a brand new animated movie, but they need your help! From coast to coast, talented actors and actresses are assembling to voice Earth's mightiest heroes, and you can join them! Have you perfected your spicy Black Widow Russian accent? Do you think you sound like Nick Fury, or Thor, or Captain America? If you've ever wanted to hear your voice come out of a Marvel Superhero's body-or if you are looking for a chance to break into the world of voice acting-then this is your chance! You could be part of one of our animated movies or appear in bonus material on a DVD!" You can download a script for each character at the link above and then follow the full instructions for how your voice could be part of the movie.


Superhero Hype has a fresh scoop about the mutant-themed sequel. Their scooper writes: "I was present for an "Intimate & Interactive" session with Patrick Stewart held this afternoon, September 25, 2004, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre at 4pm. A fan asked Mr. Stewart about the status of 'X-Men 3.' Mr. Stewart stated that 'X-Men 3' will go into production next June 2005 in Vancouver, however nobody knows which cast members will return since there is no script and director."


New Line Cinemas has released a new poster for the Wesley Snipes-fueled sequel, and Superhero Hype has it.


It's worth mentioning that the Simon Pegg-fueled comics-laden series debuts on the cable channel Trio this week. Pegg's protagonist Tim not only works in a comics shop (assistant manager), but is an aspiring comic artist himself hoping one day to work for "Dark Star Comics." There are numerous comic references throughout the show. Pegg can most recently be seen in "Shaun of the Dead," now in theaters in the U.S..


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