Superman, Fantastic Four, Sin City, Mirrormask: January 25th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter, animation director Andrew Jones is coming on board. "Formerly an animation director at Digital Domain, where he oversaw animation on 20th Century Fox's 'I, Robot,' Jones joined Imageworks for the opportunity to oversee 100 shots of a computer animated digital double of Superman on Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming 'Superman Returns.' Jones joins Imageworks' team of animation directors and supervisors that includes David Schaub, Spencer Cook, Sean Mullen, Troy Saliba, Pepe Valencia, and Todd Wilderman. Jones directed 'The Final Flight of the Osiris' episode from 'The Animatrix' series."


Can't wait for FF movie toys to hit US shelves? Our dear friends in Germany are ready to help you, with this page giving you a look at the toys now (ooh, Thing hands, and feet too ... but that still looks like stock art on the good Doctor).


In a 2.4 MB PDF file from Diamond Distributors, you can check out a full list of merchandise for the upcoming Frank Miller adaptation, including a cool flask, an 18-inch Marv figure and a lunchbox ... a lunchbox?


The official site has been updated with the trailer for the Neil Gaiman adaptation (Real and Windows Media only).


Superhero Hype is sporting some new production stills from the upcoming Keanu Reeves starrer. IESB has a few photos you may not have seen, as well.


Where would we be without Alfred Gough? The loquacious television producer once again chatted up Kryptonsite about what's to come, dropping some spoilers about dealing with the death of Christopher Reeve and other show tidbits.


Apparently the Bat will soon have his day ... a Green Day. Superhero Hype has a scooper reporting the following: "Today on television I saw Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer and lead guitarist of Green Day) being interviewed and when asked what the band had coming up he said their song 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' is going to be the theme song to 'Batman Begins,' and they are going to record two new songs for the soundtrack."

Meanwhile, marz Distribution has a first look at "Batman Begins" costumes for toddlers. Aww ...


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