Superman, Fantastic Four, Green Hornet, Ghost Rider: October 18th Comic Reel Wrap


The word is on the streets: Latino Review says that Brandon Routh is Superman. "The man who Singer has picked to play Clark Kent/Superman is none other than a relatively unknown actor by the name of Brandon Routh. Brandon's name has appeared on the web as being a possible contender a few month's ago." Moviehole and Superhero Hype chimed in to add their "confirmation" from anonymous sources at Warner Brothers, and the latter site claimed that General Zod may be involved in the story.


Superhero Hype also has a first look at Julian McMahon in his pre-armored persona as Dr. Doom.

IESB has information from the Vancouver set, claiming that the Silver Surfer and Galactus have already been discussed for a sequel. "Of course," director Tim Story said, "it obviously depends on the success of this film but I would like to see the Silver Surfer."


It seems like the waiting will continue just a bit longer. At the premiere of his buddy's new movie, "Surviving Christmas," About.com caught up with Kevin Smith, who revealed that he's not exactly done with the script. "I'm 100 pages in. And my wife was just like, "Well, great. So that means 20 pages until you are done." I'm like, "I don't think so. I think there's another 100 pages left to tell the story."


There's fresh photos over at the official website, including Ken Watanabe as Ra's Al Ghul, Linus Roache as the Bat's sire Dr. Thomas Wayne, and Tom Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone.


Dark Horizons talked to Marvel's Avi Arad, and they report "Jon Voight is out as an actor. He will not have a part. But, he has moved into a producing position and remains attached to the project." As for fans of tight green pajamas, you may have to be patient a while longer. "[Iron Fist] is not a priority for Marvel right now. Ray Park is still attached but it is still way down the line due to so many other projects planned at this time."


Kryptonsite has the WB's official description of the upcoming episode "Jinx." Meanwhile, filed under "scary," the team at Devoted to Smallville has over one thousand screen captures from last Wednesday's episode "Devoted," and they also have a fresh spoilers about Lana's tattoo.


According to Comics Continuum, the upcoming "Blade/Blade II" two-pack DVD will have a bonus disc jam packed with previews for the upcoming sequel. The site has several screen captures from the preview, including wrestler Triple H about to have a bite and more great poses from the flick's protagonists.


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