Superman, Fantastic Four, Constantine: November 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Over at Superman-V.com, they're reporting that the production offices in Sydney are open for business, allegedly showing Aussies some of the special effects to be used. The offices are allegedly impossible to get into, so if any fans down under have any secrets to tell, the Comic Reel is listening (without specifically advocating you do anything illegal).

The Electric New Paper alleges that California governor and former Terminator Arnold Schwartzenegger wants in. Who knew?


New set report? New spy photos from Vancouver? Must be Hollywood North Report, back up to their old tricks, complete with spoilers, including a detailed description of Doom.

Superhero Hype has another set report (seems like Vancouver is the new Chicago as far as leaky sets go) with more spoilery goodness, including Doom smacking the Thing with a lamp post.


The word is in from an early screening of the Vertigo adaptation ... and it's positive and negative. Superhero Hype has the scooper reports.


Can't catch the footage on Access Hollywood? Those helpful children posted the darned thing online (RealMedia only), aren't they darling? Expect it on Yahoo! Movies shortly.

Comics Continuum caught the Access Hollywood segment and wrote up some quotes from it, including this scintillating detail: "(With) Elektra, you have to have a little skin, trust me" Garner said. "There's red, there's skin, there's boots ... all the Elektra stuff."


New episode last night, new trailer screencaps and video (Windows Media only) today, courtesy of Kryptonsite and Devoted to Smallville.

In other news, pixie-cute actress Allison Mack was interviewed on the WB's website where she dishes the dirt on season four. "I love the Clark and Lana love story but it's definitely played itself out. It's time to move on for everybody. This year is all about the pay-off. It's out last year of high school so we get to deal with all kinds of interesting stuff."

Finally, if you can beat the WB's Kryptonite Seeker game, you can allegedly see a deleted scene from last night's magical episode "Spell."


As had been rumored for months, director David Goyer told Sci Fi Wire that a Nightstalkers spinoff movie was definitely a possibility. When New Line read the script, they said, 'Wow, these characters are really great. We love these characters. We'd love to see them again for sure.' And then when we cast Ryan and Jessica, they just said, 'Well, ... should they be successful, let's put something in place. Let's put a deal in place just in case.'" Finally, Superhero Hype has a early look at what Dracula will look like in the blood-soaked sequel.


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