Superman, Fantastic Four, Batman begins, X-Men 3: April 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Great Caesar's Ghost! The weekend provided an explosion of info about the Last Son of Krypton. Starting off with spoilers and set photos over at Superman Homepage, keeping you updated on filming in Australia's Wynyard Park. The Daily Telegraph has an article about the shooting there, with Superhero Hype catching actors Kate Bosworth and James Marsden hard at work (with a lot more from Getty Images and a shot of "Superman" on a poster at BlueTights.net). Not wanting to be left out on the news, Ain't It Cool News has a photo of a Daily Planet truck, while Ecranlarge has a story about a "Smallville" crossover with the film, set for season five (i.e. after the fall). No, you're not having a stroke, it's in French.

Ready for more? Okay -- Development Hell has an alleged mockup of what the Superman shield will look like (and it's no real surprise), while a spoiler at Moviehole talks about a character's near death, with a rumor as to why. There's an online video report (look for Saturday's news) about the filming with the Sydney Morning Herald and the Herald Sun chipping in some different perspectives as well. Whew!


An anonymous tipster wrote in to say, "Just thought you'd like to know, a couple of posters at the Superhero Hype message board have been on the sidelines watching some of the shooting of the 'FF' movie which started again this past week. They have been doing some more shots of the finale in the streets. One of them was lucky enough to be within a few feet of Julian McMahon in full costume, talking on his cell phone (maybe negotiating that Bond movie deal? :-)  In costume, he is a very imposing 6'5" [tall]." Just scroll down and look for "Iron Maiden" to find the juicy details.


New York residents have been looking up at the sky to be surprised by a Batman logo undulating and rotating on the side of buildings, according to Superhero Hype, who also have a photo of the phenomenon.

Meanwhile a scooper at Dark Horizons has quite an interesting tidbit, after bumping into actor Christian Bale at London's Heathrow Airport: "I said 'Hi,' got an autograph, wished him luck with 'Batman' (asked me if I was going to see it -- like, duh) and I said I hoped he's back for 'Batman' again. [Bale said,] 'Two more actually, and then Brandon Routh, the new Superman, and I, are doing 'Batman vs. Superman' as a movie.'" Holy World's Finest!


Sneak Peek is reporting that Toronto is prepping for "X-Men 3," both Toronto and Vancouver may be used for locations this time around, and "Start Date is July 15, 2005 with a release date of May 26, 2006. The film stars Alan Cumming as 'Nightcrawler', Hugh Jackman as 'Wolverine', Famke Janssen as 'Phoenix', Ian McKellen as 'Magneto' and Patrick Stewart as 'Prof. X.'"


Toon Zone has a completed episode guide with titles and tag lines for season two of the hit animated series. Shows are already airing in Canada.


David Goyer is still sending love notes to Ryan Reynolds via the press -- the writer/director told Sci Fi Wire that -- while he's not done writing the tale of the Fastest Man Alive -- he wants Reynolds for the part. "I think he would be great in it, and he loves the character," Goyer said. "We don't have a green light or anything like that, but he's certainly the person that I would be interested in playing Wally West. I've certainly discussed him with Warner Brothers, but right now it's too early to say. Until I finish it and turn it in, they won't give it the green light." What do they say about no gnus and good gnus?


French site Ecranlarge also caught a rumor from loquacious creators Miles Millar and Al Gough, who implied that director Nick Cassavetes may be leaving the project.


The weekend had another huge dose of Superman-related news, as Kryptonsite posted a virtual bungload of stuff. First up, they have a scan of an interview with actress Margot Kidder about whether or not she's done in Smallville. The official description for the episode "Blank" has been made available by the network, as have some season five spoilers. K-Site has a bunch of photo galleries, including a spoilerish one for the episode "Spirit" (don't click if you don't wanna know who wins prom queen). They also have two galleries from the "Smallville" night at the Jules Verne Film Festival in France (though, to be fair, so do their rivals at Devoted to Smallville).


According to Box Office Mojo, the Frank Miller adaptation has already paid for itself, taking in an estimated $50,723,000 domestic gross as of April 10th (not bad for a $40 million budget and a virtual constellation of stars).


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