Superman, Fantastic Four, Batman Begins: June 7th Comic Reel Wrap


A second less-than-reputable media outlet is rumor mongering that Jake Gyllenhaal is the man for the cape. Supermarket tabloid The Star says, "Although it's his starlet girlfriend Kirsten Dunst who makes him weak -- rather than Kryptonite -- sources say Jake Gyllenhaal is set to soar now that he's landed the coveted role of Superman. Star can exclusively report that Gyllenhaal, 23 -- best-known for his roles in The Good Girl, with Jennifer Aniston, 35, and Donnie Darko -- beat out actors like Ashton Kutcher, 26 and Brendan Fraser, 35, to play the Man of Steel. Headshots of potential actors were on a wall under the characters' names in the film's production office, says an insider, adding: 'They used to have all these possibilities under Superman/Clark Kent. Now, there's only one headshot: Jake Gyllenhaal.'"

Meanwhile, the team at Superman-V.com says, "We can exclusively reveal that screentests have begun on McG's Superman! After a tip-off and some further investigating we've discovered that six actors are testing for Superman next week, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Test deals are being finalised as we speak. Who are the secret six? We don't know right now (so don't ask), but the recently rumoured Jake Gyllenhaal is not one of them (this reporter could only see Jake as Superman if the movie was made in a tangent universe and directed by Richard Kelly !=) ). The source isn't sure if the much-rumoured Henry Cavill is in the six. Since insiders have been consistently telling us Cavill is McG's first choice for the role we'd be pretty surprised if he wasn't one of the six ... It also looks like Photon VFX and Giant Killer Robots are doing effects for the movie. Costume Designer Kym Barrett is currently working on the J.Lo/Jane Fonda movie 'Monster In Law.' Will she return to Superman when production relocates to Australia or will a new Designer come onboard?"


Ain't It Cool News has some interesting casting rumors about a certain Latverian dictator. One of their spies reported, "a few days ago I happened to spy Jason "Lucious Malfoy" Isaacs sitting on a golf cart outside Ralph Winter's office waiting for a meeting. Ralph's Exec. Producer on 'Fantastic Four,' of course, and i'm told there's a sign on his door as we speak saying they're casting for the project. I dunno, Jason Issacs as Doctor Doom? I can't think of any other major player he'd be up for that fits."


Moviehole caught an interview with Cillian Murphy in a magazine, where the actor said, "I like to mix it up a bit. Batman Begins is my first experience in a full-on blockbuster. My interests don't generally lie in those sorts of films, but the director is Chris Nolan, the script is wonderful and it's a great cast. I can have a bit of fun with it, too, because my only motivation really is being bad. I love doing proper dramatic character studies, but it's also good to have a but of fun, dress up and stuff."

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes Pictures has shots of the actress on the set.


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