Superman fan turns to surgery to become Man of Steel (well, Silicone)

Stories about people with body dysmorphic disorder who turn to excessive cosmetic surgeries to address perceived physical flaws kind of freak me out. I have to skip right past any articles that have to do with Jocelyn "the Cat Woman" Wildestein or those numerous "real-life Barbies." Luckily, there's rarely if ever any crossover into the world of comics -- until now, that is.

RealSelf.com has caught wind of Herbert Chavez, a 35-year-old Filipino who's gone under the knife repeatedly since 1995 to look like his hero Superman.

According to the website's translation of this news report, the "pageant trainer" confirms he's had chin augmentation to achieve the cleft, rhinoplasty for Christopher Reeve's nose, silicone injections to his lips, and thigh implants. Looking at Chavez's before and after photos, the RealSelf experts speculate he's also had eye surgery, cheek augmentation and jaw augmentation.

Training beauty-pageant contestants must pay very, very well.

(via The Orange County Register)

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