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Superman Family Adventures #2

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Superman Family Adventures #2

“Superman Family Adventures” #2 is a nice little cure-all for comic book fans (or younger readers with the potential to be fans) suffering from an early onset of summer boredom. As you can tell from the cover image, this issue has an extra-special spot for Bizarro and also provides Fuzzy, the Krypto mouse, with a few panels in the spotlight.

Franco and Art Baltazar unleash the inherent zaniness that would surround the Man of Steel and put an extra coat of cute on it all when Bizarro crashes into Metropolis and winds up ruining the day for Jimmy Olsen. In addition to introducing Bizarro, the fun-loving co-creators of “Tiny Titans” expand the Superman universe quite a bit, giving Jimmy a trio of new pals and bringing in a crew of tiny heroes for a guest appearance.

Superman, for me, is a character best enjoyed in the summer. Maybe it’s because of the movies from way back, or maybe the red, blue, and yellow costume is just so evocative of summer celebrations, but whatever the reason, Superman is a character I like to read in front of a box fan or in a hammock.

The best part about “Superman Family Adventures” is that it’s one comic that does not have to be hidden, stashed or read in solitude. Baltazar’s apparently overly simplistic art is inspirational for younger artists and the over-arching good nature of the characters contained in the covers of “Superman Family Adventures” begs you to invite that little reader to share the hammock or to take some of the floor space next to you as you scoot over.

There are plenty of moments for younger readers to get a good laugh, like a tree-trapped kitten carrying on a conversation with Streaky, as well as winks and nods for older, more savvy Superfans. While Bizarro takes the spotlight for this issue, Franco and Baltazar do a nice job of including a wide range of characters and trademark locations to truly celebrate the “family” aspect of this title.

Without Baltazar and Franco, this book wouldn’t be possible, but with them, it’s a joy that needs to get in front of more eyes. Regardless of age, most comic fans have a soft spot for Superman and this book exists to nurture those spots. While DC Comics’ main Superman titles leave a little to be desired, “Superman Family Adventures” offers quantity and quality.