Superman editor Eddie Berganza named Group Editor

Official Press Release

Eddie Berganza, editor of such DC Universe titles as the SUPERMAN books, WONDER WOMAN and YOUNG JUSTICE, has been promoted to Group Editor. Among Berganza's upcoming projects are the 12-issue maxiseries SUPERMAN: METROPOLIS and the ongoing series SUPERMAN/BATMAN, OUTSIDERS, and TEEN TITANS.

"Denny O'Neil always told us that the best way to make your job easier is to hire the best people, and they'll make you look good," says Berganza. "I owe my promotions to them - guys from Beau Smith to Dan Jurgens to Phil Jimenez to Todd Nauck and Jeph Loeb, as well as the current creative teams on my books - especially Joe Kelly. There are just so many people I owe for this that I hope I'm not insulting you by leaving you out - if I do, I'll cut you some slack on your deadlines."

Berganza first joined DC in 1991 as an editorial clerk in the Editorial Administration department. He moved into the DC Universe editorial group as an assistant editor working on titles including GREEN LANTERN and LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. He was promoted to editor in 1994, working on titles including GUY GARDNER: WARRIOR, and moved up to Senior Editor in 2000.

"Eddie has moved steadily up the ranks with his innovative taste and sheer ability to produce a lot of work with a smile on his face," says Mike Carlin, VP - Executive Editor, DC Universe. "His most recent successes involve steering the lives of the denizens of Metropolis through the popular line of DC's Superman comics, a tough job that Eddie handles while supervising a team of editors and still doing a full load of his own side-projects as well."

Please join us in congratulating Berganza on his promotion.

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