'This Bridwell Guy Seems Like He Might Know A Bit About Continuity'

This is "Don't Send Me No More Letters No." In this feature I spotlight responses that amuse me for whatever reason by "Superman" family editor Mort Weisinger to letters fans wrote in to the Superman family of titles back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Today, we look at an early cameo appearance of the great E. Nelson Bridwell, a couple of years before he actually went to go work for Mort Weisinger on these very Superman titles.

Everything started with the classic Superman adventure, "The Last Days of Superman" in Superman #156 (by Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan and George Klein).

In it, Superman believes that he has contracted an ancient, fatal Kryptonian virus and so he quarantines himself and informs Supergirl that there are a number of tasks that he would like to see her perform before he dies so that he can die in some matter of relief (you know, like destroying a giant meteor well before it would collide with Earth. Stuff like that).

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She accepts her missions, but at the same time, she's, of course, trying to find ways to cure Superman before he dies.

Things aren't looking good, though. It's so bad that Superman even decides to deface the moon with his heat vision to let everyone know that what his secret identity is, as he has calculated that he will die before the moon next becomes visible (Does that make any sense? No. Is it actually kind of a jerk thing for him to do just to reveal his secret identity? Yes. Does it look super-cool, though? Yes)....

The Legion of Super-Heroes have traveled back to the past to help Supergirl find a cure and finally, they realize, hey, maybe Supergirl should travel back in time and see how they cured it back on Krypton!

So Supergirl travels back in time to Krypton before it explodes and she sadly learns that it has no cure. She travels back to the present...

Did you catch the plot hole there? Supergirl needs her super powers to travel through time. Once she's landed on Krypton, however, her powers are nullified by Krypton's red sun, so she should not have been able to travel back to the present after landing on Krypton.

Okay, so note that issue.

Let's finish the Superman story first. Anyhow, it all turns out to be a major misunderstanding and Superman's moronic pal, Jimmy Olsen, had had a piece of green kryptonite in his camera this whole time...

Superman, Supergirl and Krypto then further deface the moon to erase the Clark Kent part of Superman's message...

So now that the issue was out, people started writing in like crazy to point out the Supergirl error. Some folks would suggest that she was wearing her Legionnaire flight ring or some other flying device, but that wouldn't give her the ability to fly fast enough to travel back in time!

To solve this, we would need a continuity champion! Enter...E. Nelson Bridwell!

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